Author: Lou Landau

Book 4. Day 139: New Sales Simplified

Your DAILY COMPOUNDING effect! These little, small, smart daily choices that details in the right direction…That shapes your future in the long run! These positive, productive, functional routines that you build for yourself! “Life will be the accumulation of the smart choices you make” Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” […]

Routine calls explode referrals

HERE IS A SALES TIP: I heard that Carl White and Rick Ruby have a weekly routine: every day of the week they call the same group of people. Every Monday this kind and every Tuesday that type, and so on. DESIGNATE ONE DAY TO CALL THE SELLER’S AGENT. Let’s say, every Tuesday morning you call the seller’s […]

Book 4. Day 138: New Sales Simplified

What morning routing can you do with accountability? The element that keeps you going… Something you do that helps you going rather than stop for a day? A week? Or forever? That one thing that you can’t afford to stop because there are people waiting… A morning discipline that changes your whole day…. Today’s episode […]

About Rights

When I was younger I thought changing my mind is a #crime. It’s shameful to make a mistake. You’re worthless if you don’t go along with the #program…Other people’s program, of course. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned some incredible things. 1. I have the right to judge my own behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and […]

Book 4. Day 137: New Sales Simplified

Not our fault, but it is our problem This “anti-sales” notion coming from most people. Most think we are: -Self-absorbed-Manipulative-Unreliable-Pest-Time waster-Poor listener-Disconnected from reality Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. Whichever sales you are: -Retail-Telesales-Business to Business It’s all messed up!! It’s not pretty! All of this […]

Book 4. Day 136: New Sales Simplified

Phone rings! Caller introduces his name and company… Immediately, buyer runs that thought of resistance. It’s automatic! That negative reflex… Everyone puts up some sort of defense at first point… Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. Buyers resist salespeople. Yes, they do, and so do you! That’s […]

3 types of conversations

Yada-yada. Data. Meaningful conversations. Ever heard of these 3 types of conversations? Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall taught this to me. Yada-yada is small talk – politics, sports, current events, etc. “He said this, she said that – did you hear about it? The mayor and the councilman, and the governor…” The heated yada-yada conversations. The second […]

Book 4. Day 135: New Sales Simplified

What’s the next step? And more often than you’d think, that next step hasn’t been defined. If you left without: -defining -agreeing to  -and scheduling the next step then you failed! You pitched the greatest presentation of your life but no agreement on the next step? Another failed! Don’t destroy the credibility you’ve worked so […]

It needs to have the urgency!

Powerful! Stimulating! This feedback we got from a happy customer brings out such an important point! True, he’s unorganized and not the most responsive. But… That’s what we’re here for. We nudge him in the right direction. A loan officer, as a professional, needs to have the assertiveness to know how to come back to […]