Author: Lou Landau


There were 3,185,000 loans in 2019 just in the top 75 WHOLESALE banks. Not even retail and other banks, just wholesale banks. Only from 2019! Only in America. Only the top 75! 3,185,000! There is so much business out there. You need to be ready to fail and to fall. To fail, to be rejected, to look like a fool. Go out […]

Book 4. Day 129: New Sales Simplified

Focus, focus and focus! The most important currency in the 20th century! What are your goals? To-do list? 1 hour at a time… You spend a couple good hours a day! Then you’re light-years ahead of your competition… Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. “Probing Questions” It’s […]

Never allow your down to challenge your core!

We are just human beings! Humanity always wants to be perfect – wants more. Realize, that when you want to reach the next step, and it’s not happening yet – that’s normal. But… While you’re at that stage you might feel unhappy. Why? Because the brain fantasizes quickly, and it’s not bound by reality. Thoughts […]

Book 4. Day 128: New Sales Simplified

I was in Manhattan working at B&H Photo. After the first plane hit, we walked down there in Javits Center, where I saw one of the buildings go down… An interesting moment… I remembered I walked home… Trains didn’t work.. Papers from the Tower, actually reached to my house… A day where a lot of […]

How much of your potential are you reaching

How much of your potential do you think you’re reaching? This is a trick question. The mind always races a thousand miles ahead of what is possible to execute. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who have accomplished a lot more than the average, have things they still want to accomplish. Because thinking is easier than doing. It’s an ego trip […]

Book 4. Day 127: New Sales Simplified

Rainy weather! It’s natural to be affected…yes, we get affected, we get wet. Now it’s raining…then what? Will it affect my mind? My work? My goals? Can’t do my phone calls?Can’t do push-ups?Can’t go to work?Can’t finish a project? Is the mind suddenly different because the sun isn’t shining? There’s no rain inside the house…Not […]

Slaved laborers

When the Jewish people were slave laborers in Egypt, the Pharaoh came down to the brick factory and worked alongside the laborers. Of course, they were working enthusiastically and it was a great day of production. At the end of the day, the Pharaoh counted how many bricks were produced. “From today on, this is the minimum number of bricks that […]

Book 4. Day 126: New Sales Simplified

“See Dad, that’s my mother”“She has hazel eyes” Me? I have brown eyes, UNFORTUNATELY” Imagine the self-esteem… What’s the difference? Do you have less opportunity because of those brown eyes? “The root cause of all human suffering is attachment” “Attachment to something you have that you don’t want, or something you have that you don’t […]


Good morning! I’m sorry I never shared with you my most important secret. Meditation. I meditate every single day between 15-30 minutes minimum. Sometimes more than that. Often, multiple times a day. Whenever I feel confused or irritable about something. I know that I need meditation. Nothing compares to daily meditation. This can be proved […]

Book 4. Day 125: New Sales Simplified

You can do it! How do you know you’re doing it? Because you keep doing it! You keep surprising yourself! Ambition by passion not by anxiety! The need and greed to conquer a lot and make billions, has its place… Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 3rd […]