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A great list of lousy questions

Are you looking for a magic bullet? My friend, there is no magic trick to success! The switch to change is found within you. Stop focusing on the missing tiles. Start focusing on your discipline.  Teeny tiny daily self discipline will grow and evolve to help you reach your goals.  Those tiny things will crack […]

Introduction to Outstanding!

“Let me be your first, second option!” I heard this great line that is so applicable to many people and many industries.  Let me repeat the backstory of this quote for clarity. Let’s say that an interviewee at an interview goes on a rant complaining about their previous employer. (Beware of such people, because this […]


Are you afraid of rejection? Do you absolutely hate it? Can’t take it? Guess what? Well, if you don’t ask, it’s a guaranteed no! Yes! Automatically rejected. Inaction is a guaranteed no. Rather take a no than a non-response. Get this into your head! Inaction is a guaranteed no! Ask 6/7 times until you get […]

Who dropped the ball?

What little choice will you make today? Make the choices that answer these questions: What can I do?  How can I help? How can I change things? How can I improve my situation / world / city / street / house/ family and finally myself?! How can I change any of that? How can I […]


Goooood morning, my friend! A fresh start. A wonderful morning! Happy Monday morning. We try not to tire. We just keep going! Can you believe it’s March already? We barely started 2021 and March just came creeping in from behind. A great time to renew our energy. Full of enthusiasm!  That’s what it is all […]

Be fast (Purim theme)

Do you know the secret of how to attain happiness? Purim, the time of simcha (joy) is approaching. Happiness is not just about being happy with material things like money, a new car, or a house. The secret to happiness lies within you. Be happy with your lot. “Who is rich? One who is happy […]

BS yourself

I’m sure you heard this before. “BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!” — Lou Landau When you find yourself in a difficult situation, and it does not affect you in a negative way, that in itself is already a positive reinforcement.  Everyday look for ways to grow in a positive […]

Holding people accountable

The other day I made a run for it. It was really pouring out there. I had to get from my home to my car, and got sopping wet while doing it.  And, like I always tell you my friend. I voiced my my oft-repeated phrase out loud.  “I do not let the weather affect […]

The motor of learning

Are you looking for new techniques to accomplish your goals? You don’t always have to look for the new. Repeat the ABCs you already know. Repeat the basics. And do it every day. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  Just think. What do I need to do to get to my goal and to move towards a better […]

MMM Preparation with pushups

I’m preparing for our weekly motivation meeting.  I was debating if I should grab another coffee or catnap before starting the meeting.  But. No!  I needed to get my heart pumping and adrenaline rushing.  I got down on all fours and did my daily 50 push-ups. (As I once mentioned, I heard this from Vishen […]