Driven by passion, not by guilt

Ambition by passion, not ambition by anxiety!

Be driven by passion, not by guilt or jealousy etc.

Young and stupid salespeople can make a mistake.

Can mess up an interview.

Can call or follow up too frequently.

Can use a script that’s not perfect.

Can offer the wrong product or make a mistake.

For a young and stupid salesperson, it’s ok.

He is living and learning.

As long as he keeps learning, It’s ok.

So stop having call reluctance.

Stop being scared and fearful.

Young and stupid – it’s good!

That’s the motivation you get out of it.

The idea that you can look at yourself as young and stupid!

It’s an idea to inspire you!

So you can make your phone calls.

So you can do stuff.

You know you don’t have to have fear and scare!

We are indeed a very ambitious society, but many of us are ambitious by anxiety, strive to be ambitious and driven by passion.

Book 4. Day 80: New Sales Simplified

Why do so many salespeople sound alike?

Trying to blend in rather than stand out from the crowd?

You don’t want to blend in, you want to stand out positively!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

  • Same words
  • Same boring technology demos
  • same droning webinars
  • Predictable boardroom presentations

Same. Same. Same….boring.

Perhaps people think that safeness is safe?

Sameness will kill us!

If we do get the meeting with prospect.

It’s not a compliment when prospects can predict what we are about to say.

That’s actually a very bad sign…

Differentiation is key!

  • Creates intrigue
  • People listen
  • Opens the door for expanded dialogue

More importantly – it justifies our premium price!

So my friend, how can you differentiate your story?

I was young and stupid

I was young and stupid!

People have a lot of emotional baggage from their past.

Stupid things they have done.

Opportunities they have missed.

Things they should have said and shouldn’t have said.

Relationships they should’ve or shouldn’t have started.

Business opportunities they should have or should not have done.

Investment opportunities they should have or should not have past on.

And so on and so forth…

And they feel regrets, guilt, shame, remorse and it’s all a diarrhea of the brain.

And the way I deal with this is to say.

Yeah, I was young and stupid!

I am a work in progress!

I will always be a work in progress!

I will be young and stupid till my last day, alright?

For someone who is young and stupid, it’s OK and has the right to make mistakes.

Somebody who is so mature and smart, like I am supposed to be, “damn, I can’t expect to do such stupid things”

But for that young and stupid person, that’s normal, that’s acceptable.

So I officially say and declare to myself unto the world.

That up until a minute ago, I was younger and stupider than I am right now.

And that’s what counts.

For me to know that I am a work in progress.

When you are working from a place of calmness, as you’ve heard me sharing so many times, there is space for creativity.

Book 4. Day 79: New Sales Simplified

“We don’t sell cosmetics, we sell hope – Charles Revson founder of Revlon”

It’s not about the product or the company.

But what can be achieved for the consumer…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

What we find in most companies is a very different attitude.

  • Lack of passion
  • Sloppy words
  • Disinterested in how they package their company and offering
  • commonly accused of exaggerating

Storytelling is a lost art.

Packaging matters.

Sales story is the “gift wrap” on our offering.

Whatever happened to Puffery?

Not advocating dishonesty in any way…

We have gone way too far and so…

It’s time to swing the pendulum back.

A healthy working environment

A healthy working environment is, knowing that there’s no judgment, we’re all here for the cause.

And therefore, everything we do at TMC is measured by that, and we always make sure that the same thing goes to the loan officers.

No politics!

No negativity!

If we find somebody being too serious, too #pressured, and too negative.

We address it right away “Hey, relax my friend what’s going on, it’s going to pass”

Recently, our entire executive team was sitting at an important meeting, planning, and strategizing the future.

And it was getting too serious.

And Joel Lieberman stopped us “Hey guys! remember, take it easy – we’ll get there, we know what we’re doing, we’re good guys we’ll get there, take it easy”

That is at the foundation and at the core of our culture and philosophy.

Wherever you are and whichever company you are at I sincerely hope that stress is not part of your daily work and life.

Still, look at us, we had a record-breaking June month, despite the pandemic, record-breaking loan officers beat their own record!

And that doesn’t even come close to what’s coming for the second half of 2020!!! Be”H

That’s how we do it.

Stay positive my friend!

Book 4. Day 78: New Sales Simplified

“It’s always about us.”


We are so stinkin’ incredible that we feel the freedom to write emails to prospects:

  • record length
  • self-absorbed
  • run-on sentence after sentence.

Where’s the customer focused?

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

As we said yesterday, and I’m going to say this again here…

Stop talking about yourself and the company.

Begin by leading with:

  • issues
  • pains
  • problems
  • opportunities
  • and results

These are vital to your prospects.

That is the story.

What about talking about our achievements?

How about our success and how we expanded?

It sounds important, yes.

In this book, Mike highlights the importance of sharing not more about us…

Rather directing the whole core about their issues, pains, opportunities and results.

Enjoy coming to work

Everyone is saying it, very few really get it.

Early on when I was brought in to The Mint Capital Inc, It was a new position with the company, I was new at the job.

I didn’t have much experience in the mortgage industry.

I used to come into Joel’s office, “I’m lost, something is wrong, I don’t feel good here.” and again and again Joel patiently helped me come back to myself.

Because his vision is solid, he knew that he needs #patience with me, and I needed the assurance and freedom to settle in, and that’s how I finally got settled in properly grounded.

“Work has to be something you love, enjoy, and look forward to”

Easier said than done.

I’m so glad to be with a company that has this engraved deep into their core values.

Joel Lieberman recently told me.

“I didn’t say this to you in a long time, but I actually I wake up in the morning and I look forward to coming into work”

And I told him: “Myself as well, I’m really enjoying this, and that’s how I enjoy these long commutes, the late nights when I stay”

“I actually enjoy my work”

And when we enjoy our work, only then we can focus on making sure that all our people, Loan officers as well as processors also enjoy their work and what they do, this is how we know we are on the right track.

We look at ourselves.

Blink of an eye

Good morning my LinkedIn friends.

I was reflecting on the little LinkedIn posting initiative I’ve undertaken lately.

In the blink of an eye, it’s gone…

Here I am working so hard on it.

First I’m recording a message.

Then my assistant is writing it up.

Then my editor is editing it.

We post it, we like it, we look at the comments, we look at the likes.

We comment on the comments, we like the comments.

We work and work, and at the moment it’s the thing for the day!

And then poff it’s gone!

Like the blink of an eye!

It’s gone in the endless scroll…

Pooff it’s gone.


Just like life!

On the other hand

When you meet someone on the street and you greet him with a big smile, and he goes on his way a just little bit more energetic.

True, It happens in a blink of an eye, but the impact stays long after he is gone.

Remember that.

The impressions and impacts on people, it stays long after it’s gone!

Book 4. Day 77: New Sales Simplified

Nobody cares!

Period. . .

Stop talking about yourself!

Would you enjoy hanging out with people who don’t stop talkinging about themselves?

Would you listen intently to every word?

Do self focused people energized your heart and mind?

Or they bore you to death?

The same is true in sales…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

Remember prospective customers are not interested in what you do…

They are only interested in what you can do for them…

“WIFM (What’s in it for me?)”

  • All the self talk
  • Their company
  • Their people


No one cares how smart you are…

Or how great you think your company is…

By far the common “sin” in sales is self focused!

My friend, test others in your company and ask these questions…

“What can you tell me about your company?”

“How do you do?”

Gauge if they answer all in the same way…

Fly out the ego

Do I have a big ego?

In a meeting with Joe Freund and Joel Lieberman about Linkedin strategy.

We were having a great meeting, in the middle of our heated conversation, I had this expression.

Something like…

I don’t have an ego!


It’s not about my ego!

While Joe acknowledged it, I said “Hold it hold it hold it – correction”

I have a big ego – but on this topic, it seems like I can put my #ego on the side and focus on the company. Completely.

We were having such a great laugh the 3 of us.

And Joel Leiberman opened the window as a gesture to say.

“Let the ego fly out”

And we had another great laugh.

I wish you all my friends, to be able to have such a great working environment, where coming to work every day is something you look so much forward to.