Book 7. Day 64: Objections

Prospecting RBOs are not unique.

There are a finite number of ways a prospect will tell you no.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Reviewing the learning

What’s new?

We don’t always have to learn something “new”.

Sometimes, we also need to “review”.

Learning is all about reviewing it — and of course, doing it!

Learning without “doing” is not worth learning. 

We need to incorporate the lessons we learn. To become better people.

Sometimes, when learning something new, we feel good about it. We feel we accomplished something.

But, if we’re not actually doing what we are learning, it’s no use learning.

Becoming better needs to be in action, not in dreams.

Which book/podcast is something you listen to or read — again and again?

Stats for new LOs

Here’s what NEW loan officers joining the Mint Capital can expect:


I know I’ve mentioned it many times already, but I’ll say it again. The Mint Capital has the most rigorous training and support system like no other.
> Education
> Quizzes
> Hands-on test files all this information and training The Mint, takes our LOs from zero to pro within 45 days!


Many of our LOs have closed 10 – 20 loans within the first three months; while others have closed 20 – 30 loans.


On average, our LOs earn $250k annual (after 2 – 3 years in the field). While our top performers earn $400k – $500k annually. 

Of course, everyone is different. There is no surefire way to success.

Success depends on one’s unique capabilities and work ethic. But, we help and train you to be able to perform to the best of your ability.

Mortgages are no child’s play. It’s serious business with rigorous training.

In reality, the mortgage knowledge never ends. Like when baking a cake, once you know how the basic ingredients like flour, water, eggs, salt, sugar work… you can bake many different cakes from the same ingredients.

So too, we give you the ingredients; we teach you all you need to know, and hold your hands while you bake the best cake you possibly can.

Book 7. Day 63: Objections

A brush-off is your prospect telling you to bug off nicely. “Call me next

The brush-off doesn’t feel as much like rejection. When you accept a
brush-off, your brain lets you off the hook.

You still have hope.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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How YOU Can Earn In The TOP 1% ??

Something Darren Hardy said got me thinking.

I listen almost every morning to Darren’s morning podcast. It’s inspirational and motivating with a positive vibe and great message. (Darren is a great guy, by the way!)

In his mini-series “How to gain an edge”, Darren explained the difference in energy levels between the 1% earners, the top 10% – 20% earners, and the rest of the 80%.

The one-percenters are always full of energy and mostly always on. They are not down too much; and if yes, not very long and not very deep.

That got me thinking.

One-percenters. Wow.
What does it mean to be at the one percent of the wealth?

So, I looked at the numbers, (Everything is public knowledge these days…), and I was shocked.

The nationwide average of one-percenters earn an annual income of $538,926 — and there are 1.4 million people in that tier!

That got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pat yourself on the back and feel all accomplished and confident as one of the 1%? (Of course, to have financial security as well.)

If any of you (or me) would sit down and calculate your small box numbers:

How many deals do I need to sign to get to X amount of annual profit?

How many sales calls do I need to do daily to reach X amount of meaningful conversations?

How many meaningful conversations do I need to reach X amount of sales?

When you break it down into small box numbers, it seems so within reach. It’s so close.

And you CAN reach it! You are literally a few (daily) phone calls away from joining the top one-percent!

Meet you at the top? 

Rejection proof

It’s all a matter of tolerance.

It’s nice and hot outside, and some people are just getting ‘destroyed’ in a heat wave.

As my oft-repeated mantra goes, “We do NOT let the weather affect us negatively!”.

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, if you are uncomfortable, it’s totally an issue of tolerance.

The same applies to many areas.
Whether it’s the weather, the stock market, the customer complained, the person said, etc.
No one can have the power to make you feel negative.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

Imagine a huge deep ocean with a ship sailing in it. 
No matter how wild the water. No matter how deep the water. No matter the size of the ship.
Even the stormiest ocean cannot sink the boat UNLESS if the water gets inside.

So too, all the negativity in the world should not have the power to sink your boat (your being), unless you let the water (negativity) in.

No one could sink your boat without your consent.

The water won’t get in because you have control over your disruptive emotions.

That, my friend, I wish for you!

Have a great day ahead. Enjoy the sunshine


Book 7. Day 62: Objections

People communicate with far more than words.

To truly hear another person, you must listen with all your senses—eyes, ears, and intuition.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Public Speaking

Can you stand up in front of a packed room and give a speech?

Do you still get jittery before making any cold calls or when meeting someone new?

I find that public speaking is similar to sales calls.

I always encourage salespeople to practice speaking in public. There are many great resources such as Toastmasters and books by Frank Bettger and Dale Carnegie that help with public speaking.

It’s important for you to feel comfortable to speak in a public setting. Doing sales calls is very similar to public speaking, it’s just for a smaller audience. 

 A good place to start practicing is within your own circle of people. Are you part of any group of like-minded people in your industry? It would be great practice if you can record a short speech to post in such a setting. You will gain experience and polish your speaking skills, while your colleagues can give you feedback and non-judgemental support.

Don’t be timid and shy! 

You want to grow? Speak up!

Can you tag the speakers you admire?

Dreams vs Goals

Dream big

Dreams come from the soul. There is no time frame on dreams.

“Dreams are easy. Goals are hard.” — Mel Robbins

Dreams are EASY:
 E energizing
 A aspirational
 S spacious (expands your mind)
 Y yours (nobody can tell you what to dream)

Goals are HARD:
 H habits (fights bad, and create good habits)
 A action (get into action)
 R reachable (it has a time frame)
 D do it  (you need to do it!)

Your goal is the work HARD towards reaching your dreams.

Nobody can touch your dreams.

Dream of a better world and go for it!!

Book 7. Day 61: Objections

Stakeholders are much like icebergs; what you can see is only a small
a portion of the total mass…

Most of which is hidden below the surface.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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