Book 4. Day 147: New Sales Simplified

What happens when it rains?

A little discomfort?

The fact that my clothing got a little wet…

Why should that affect my mood?
Why should it affect the way I’m going to eat now or the way I should take calls?

“I want dry, I want this, I want that before going to my daily task.”

When we truly mature, we learn to compartmentalized…

What’s the solution?

Stop wanting!
Stop those attachments!

Be with the flow…

If you have it? Good for you…
If you don’t have it…then you don’t need it.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

So basically, when know you about the customer you can easily design your sales story.

Before a big meeting, you get a presentation from the customer…

When they only give you that meeting for the “presentation”?

Then use it for your discovery!

Remember, discovery precedes presentation!

Include in the agenda the company intro – at least 3 minutes then start asking crucial questions before the actual “Pitch”


That their business is currently facing…

This for sure leaves a memorable impression.

Quarterly bonus distribution

We just distributed almost 100K in bonuses!

On top of our very competitive general package for loan officers, we have quarterly bonus distributions.

To celebrate the achievement of our goals, we reward our LO’s in a big way that makes a significant impact on their lives.

This quarter was record-breaking again!

And it’s racing up, with more and more loan officers continually doing it better than ever!

I am so grateful for every one of our team, for their hard work and dedication. I couldn’t think of a better way to show it.

We are excited about a smashing Q4!


Book 4. Day 146: New Sales Simplified

I’m amazed myself!

With all the motivational talk…

By nature, everything rust! 

Same thing with the mind…

So easy to just drop it…

Whether its exercise or your daily disciplines.

You got to prioritize the must do’s before the like to do’s…

From my personal level…

I got to do what I got to do…

What are my self-disciplines? 

My undertakings?

MY commitments?

My friend, keep oiling and priming it…

What are the routines that you do to create new habits? 

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. 

When the Prospect will not meet you before presentation?

In most cases, especially if your a small company – targeting big corporations…

There’s a lot of rules the prospect prohibit you from even speaking with decision makers…

Numerous guidelines and request proposals needed to be met before you can even step in the door of discovery and presentation stages.  

Wrong and Stupid!

It’s intentional! And they are totally fine with generic responses…

They chose a lesser solution…in the name of control for buying and selling.

How would you know what to pitch if your unsure about the 

prospect’s situation? 

Hiring an assistant


The short answer is: it depends on which industry and how much are you willing to invest.

The long answer?

If you are a salesman new in your field, and cannot afford to hire help, you need to know everything BEFORE hiring someone to do the stuff (that you are supposed to be doing and don’t know yet how to).

You should not hire an assistant before you know the entire system of your business.

You should work for a good couple of months.

Break your head and figure it all out before hiring.

However; if you are an entrepreneur who has the money to invest in your startup, then you SHOULD hire talented individuals early on.

Surround yourself with talent to accomplish those tasks that you don’t know how to do.

Beginnings are never easy.

In any industry. 

Sometimes, one must learn the hard way. 

Whenever you hire, remember to invest in talent.

As Carl White says: Write the small checks (to your assistant) to make the big checks (and big deals).


Book 4. Day 145: New Sales Simplified

One SNAP and just like that it’s a beautiful weather!

Days earlier, when it was raining…
Some of you might think “OMG, this will never end”


Remember you can’t lose a 100 pounds in 1 week…

Or in another context – People that are looking to make the MILLION Dollars a week!

Instead of looking for ways that make you a couple of thousands…every week, every week!

We don’t control the outcome…but when we do the right things every single day?

You get your targeted goals and get your BYPRODUCTS:


There’s no overnight success!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

When prospects asked for an instant presentation, without discovery. Do you normally say yes?

If you do what you’re asked- Crucial mistake!

Remember, Presenting is not a synonym for selling!

Why bother doing all these?

-Discovery work

Why not present right away, right?

Skip this step and you lose your position with SLIDE 4 (Our Understanding of Prospect’s Situation)


Insist on a meeting before the requested presentation.

Assert yourself!

Let them know this is practically needed in order to deliver maximum value!

Don’t belittle yourself to the customer


Sure, you should be thankful.
Yes, you should be respectful.
But act like you’ve been there before.

You should be accustomed to conducting meetings that end with a positive outcome for both sides.

I see this in regular interactions of humans as well.

When one person feels intimidated and inferior, he tends to over thank the other person. “Oh, thank you so much! I really, really, really, REALLY appreciate it!”

The prospect will not be ABLE to respect you and will not consider your services.

Remember to act like you’ve been there before.

You’ve had meetings with positive outcomes.

You’ve had meetings with BIGGER fish.

You’ve delivered lots of value to the prospect.

 YOU are a big deal!

While it’s fine to thank the person for investing time to talk to you, don’t bow down in the process.

Remember, your prospect is the one with the pain or problem WHICH YOU CAN SOLVE.

In this conversation YOU are MORE than him!

Doesn’t matter how big the prospect might be. An investor or a millionaire.  

But in the current process YOU have more to offer than him.

He needs you. You have the potential solution.

Believe that your prospects are as appreciative of you, as you are of them.


Book 4. Day 144: New Sales Simplified

PowerPoint in and of itself is not evil!

While Mike specifically stated how he hated the word “presentation”

It’s what we do with it that might advance to sin…

This is redeemed when done right and structured correctly…

We know that “Discovery precedes Presentation”

Always ensure that this should be aimed at the prospect

NOT for yourself

NOT all about company

NOT all about processes

NOT your perfect solution

Remember: “No one cares how smart you are or how great you think your company is.”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. 

4 four-slide recipe: 

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Suggested Agenda

Slide 3: Companies Turn to (Insert Your Company Name) When . . . 3-5 relevant bullets from the “client issues” 

Slide 4: Understanding of Your Situation . . .(List several items you have learned from discovery work up to this point.)

Do something bold and unthinkable…Convert SLIDE 4 from a monologue into a dialogue. 

Ask your audience! 

Even better, ask the most senior person! 

What issues? What did they not grasp? 

All boils down to knowing! 

The understanding what they’re really looking for…

The need to be on the same page.

Never too complicated!

Because there is NOTHING COMPLICATED about it.
A loan is a loan.
Conditions are conditions.
1 + 1 will still equal 2.
Sometimes people approach our loan officers saying: “I need to go to the other guy for my loan, he specializes in complicated files.”
A Mint Capital loan officer will say, “Okay, tell me the scenario, and I will see how complicated it is.”
And guess what?
When the prospect explains the scenario, we see that it is just a regular file. The same complicated like other loans we processed already.
Do you know why certain people have a reputation that they handle COMPLICATED files?
It is usually because they are not adept to handling loans quick enough, and the process drags on for a while.
Their answer to the client? “It takes time, it is a COMPLICATED file!”
This is how they develop a reputation.
Our officers at the Mint Capital can handle ANY file!
We have the best training for our loan officers.
We give guidance to our loan officers.
We have a Mint University full of training.
We have a 90-day Roadmap to Success Training Program.
The Mint Capital loan officers are out there and they’re killin’ it!


I’m a mess!

I’m a mess.
The company sucks.
The manager is an idiot.
The product is bad.
Too expensive.
Too much competition.


The way you think, that’s where you’ll end up!

Everything starts in your head.

So why not change your thinking?

Imagine if you think like this.

I’m good!
I’m smart!
People like me!
I’m an excellent salesperson!
I know my products!
I love making phone calls!
I love working at this company!
I love my family!
I love my house!
I love my community!
I love everything that’s happening!

Absolutely, there are some imperfections.

There are things that I want to improve on.

But it’s fine!
I’ll survive…
I’m a strong person.
I’m strong internally!
I got this! I change!
I progress!

That’s the way of thinking you need to play in your head over and over.

That is what your affirmations need to be.

Pick a line and play it over and over!


And change your thinking for good!

What’s playing in your head?


Book 4. Day 143: New Sales Simplified

Monday Blues?!

Restart your engine!

The tasks that you do…

The accountabilities you need to make…

Because life is all about discipline:

Working on yourself
Working on your business
Working on your family and relationships

That’s all it is to it…

A note from the universe: “Never look at the mirror without smiling”

Every time you look at the mirror and the mirror inside your head.

Tell yourself:

“I’m good enough, smart enough, people like me”

We don’t know how the world operates! And all the chaos within it…

But we do control how to react to it..

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

If sales calls are dialogues or 2 way conversations…

Then why would anyone stand to have a conversation right?

Then came along the word “presentation”

As pronounced by most with a long “e” – Preezentation.

Whether in an office, a meeting room or boardroom.

Sales should always be viewed as any negotiated exchange of ideas and opinions.

If it’s a sales call meeting then why stand?

A meeting to discuss important topics to see if it makes mutual sense to do business…

So my friend, how would you view it on your end?