Moment of Clarity 2

There’s a saying:

“The mind has an infinite capacity for self-deception”

And even if it’s just 1% doubt.

But in that 1% – that commitment is gone, unfortunately.

There’s a saying: “Success is in a 100% commitment”

Only when you give a 100% commitment, then you can expect success.

If there’s only 99%, that 1% of doubt is like – you have a cup of coffee, and it’s only good if it’s whole – with the slightest crack, It’s gone, it’s useless.

100% is not easy, start with one thing, for one thing at a time, give it 100%.!

Book 4. Day 97: New Sales Simplified

Like everything in life!

It’s a process…

After refining the list to the point where you are ready to insert the power statements.

List all reasong that you believe:

-your company



-solutions that are better and different

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

-Cover the gamut of reasons

-Culture issues

-Service guarantees

-Set your offerings apart

Review, edit and sharpen what you came up.

Until it becomes a strong list.

If you can’t rattle off exactly what it is you sell…

Then it is a problem.

Craft a couple of direct sentences and insert between the client issues.


You have the first draft…

This will much improve your sales story.

Take it with you for a few weeks with tweaking.

Until you will nail it!

Lazy sometimes process activity!

Good morning!


It’s so hot outside today!

Yeah, It’s summer!

But we do what we got to do every single day.

We don’t let the weather get in the way!
We don’t let the weather affect us negatively!
We just do what we got to do!
We don’t have to be clever!
We don’t need to be a genius!
We just need to be disciplined in the areas that we want to grow in!

I just heard today from DARREN HARDY on his little daily morning podcast.

Most high achievers that we know of – and he mentioned a whole bunch of athletes, and business people – are lazy.


It’s normal to be lazy.

But in the areas where they need major improvement, they built-in systems, and processes, to keep them on track, to do their best, so they can grow in those areas.

So, it’s normal my friend.

It’s normal to be lazy.

It’s normal not to be disciplined in so many areas.

But then identify where you do need to have your discipline, and focus on that.

Morning routines are a very strong tool.

How do you start your morning?

Start with a powerful routine.

A powerful routine that sets up the whole day for success.

And you, my friend, should have a lot of success and Hatzlacha today!

Book 4. Day 96: New Sales Simplified

Now is the time to have them share what they feel are their best.

All the right reasons why customers turn to your company.

Finally, scan through your marketing materials.

Pull out great phrases that speak to business issues.

Be careful not to get lulled into listing reasons is so wonderful!

Find the gems describing what you achieve.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

Do this exercise along with others.

Start with a fresh Word document.

Project the list into a group to:



-Combine bullet points.

Argue the list down to seven or so best “client issue” bullets.

Wordsmithing each bullet into a format:

“X type of companies or Y type of contacts turn to Your Company Name when looking to…”

“They look to us when facing….”

Incorporate compelling and provocative word:

Customers are exhausted from…

Frustrated with…

Challenge by…

Once you have refined the list.

Ready to insert the power statements and differentiators.

Depression sometimes is pure ego!

Depression sometimes is pure ego!

(Not talking about Real Clinically Depressed, for those I pray and have full compassion).

My daughter shared with me that she heard a podcast from famous Jewish comedian Mendy Pellin.

He shared that when he was 19, he was so depressed, he could not get out of bed.

Because he was so down on himself on the fact that “I was 19 already, what did I accomplish in this world? What’s gonna be with me?” Etc.

So, he was depressed about it.

As if, he was so big with the right to be depressed.

Of course, it’s a joke.

Who are we anyway? Small little human beings!

And I’m thinking to myself, how much ego is in the depression of ”what did “I” already accomplished in this world”.

I, I, I.

With the ever infatuation with Self Seeking.

And therefore, I always say – be driven by passion not by anxiety.

Be driven by passion to be yourself!

To just live and be yourself!

Be the best self that you can be!

And then you have a chance to accomplish something.

If you’re the best that you can be, you can have the best expression of yourself that you are meant to have.

But being driven by anxiety you’re totally not yourself.

There’s a lot smaller chance that you will accomplish something great.

Or something worthwhile for others.

Book 4. Day 95: New Sales Simplified

Why did you come to us in the first place?

What issues were you looking for?

Why do we still have your business?

We continue with sales story exercise to increase your confidence…

Phone call is best and ask your customers if they can help.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg’s Coach Power Statements for his own business.

In this exercise:

Your customers are reminding themselves why they love you!

A double treat it is!

You get to incorporate their words into your sales story…

It does not get any better than that…

You should be on cloud nine after speaking to a few customers after this…

If this feedback does not increase your confidence?

Nothing will.

Why am I doing this?


Why am I doing this?

I should drop it.

Perhaps I should change it to something more meaningful.

Today I’m too tired.

Tomorrow I’ll do a double.

All monkey talk.

It’s BS!!!

You’re just not disciplined!

That’s all.

Do you want to start working on discipline?

Here is what works for me.

Start in the morning.

Within the first five minutes of waking up.

Do one thing, even if it makes no sense to you.

Something that you quickly need to use your discipline for.

I happen to do it with push-ups, others doing it with other things, even drinking a cup of water.

Sometimes I feel, the smaller it is, the more meaningless it is, and you only do it for discipline, it is an opportunity to work on your discipline.

Be extremely ware of the monkey talk.

Especially if it’s a meaningless task.

It gotta be something you are not used to.

You do it because you want to build discipline.

There is a saying ”you don’t stop a commitment within 24 hours”.

You don’t change a commitment just because you are in a bad mood.

Think about it, discuss it, write it down, but you don’t change anything right now, you wait a while.

Let some time pass, the bad mood disappears, like it always does, and continue with the commitment.

That’s discipline.

Book 4. Day 94: New Sales Simplified

How to dig deep into client issues?

Get some outside help and continue these exercises.

Exhaust your creativity.

Phone call is best.

Check their voice inflection.



Let them know you are sharpening on your sales story.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg’s Coach Power Statements for his own business.

Key questions:

-What pains are your potential customers likely to experience
by choosing to stay with your competitor?

-What problems do you see prospects experiencing from
self-performing versus outsourcing?

-Which opportunities might they miss of not working with you?

The fastest way to failure?

The fastest way to failure?


“Discipline is something you need, and everything that you do in your life”.

There’s a saying in the Jewish tradition.

In the English translation of that is – “A person was not born only to work on their habits and behaviors”.

The person was born only to work on their habits.


And extremely important.

When we talk about the need for discipline It’s very clear.

It’s not just a side project.

It’s not just another personal development tool, if you want to, you can work on it, and if not, you can still have success without it.

Discipline is a muscle, and it does not matter what you use this muscle for.

If you use it, it becomes stronger – if you don’t use it – you lose it.

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”.

Whether it’s eating healthy, learning a new skill, or making your calls.

It’s all about the discipline in doing it.

It does not matter how small it is, and it does not matter what you use it for.

If you are disciplined you have a foundation.

You can use this discipline for that hard call you need to make.

Book 4. Day 93: New Sales Simplified

Are you part of a salesteam?

Get everyone together…

If not, get people from the company who have an interest.

If you are a solo practitioner, do this on your own.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg’s Coach Power Statements for his own business.

In this Sales Story Exercise, Mike shares a result that is well worth your time and energy.

Key questions you can ask for your clients.

Get 3 blank papers.

Each sheet for client issues, offerings and differentiators.

Tackle the client issues first.

This is the most critical.

Don’t overthink it.

Start by writing these questions:

-Why did your best customers initially come to you?

-What business problems were they facing?

-What results were they looking to achieve?

Experience shows this is best done with the team.