Know your priorities

Take a look at your tasks in your calendar.

Are your top goals prominently listed in your calendar?

We all think we are great at multitasking, that we can have 10 priorities.

Priority comes from the word “prior”, meaning “before”.

By definition there can only be one “before”, one priority.

The fully automatic driven human thinks that he can have more than one priority.

But remember, “he who chases 2 rabbits, catches none”.

I always say: you can’t have 2 “startups” at the same time.

As a salesman you have 20 different opportunities how you could do prospecting.

But you can’t do 20 at the same time.

Start one. 
Learn it well. 
Automate and delegate.

You need to master this before you can take on the next thing.

Don’t be a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”!

As a salesman, do this on both parts of the job.

Prospecting and Following up.

Can you do everything at once?

Learning it?
Mastering it?
Automating it?

NO, you can’t!

Do it one at a time.

So, my friend, what is that one thing that you are going to start with? 


Book 4. Day 164: New Sales Simplified

There’s NO trick to maintaining a healthy pipeline;
that’s full, showing movement, and balanced.


There’s a simple formula…

1/3, 1/3, 1/3

1.) Spend a full third of your time working hot opportunities

2.) On working deals that are currently active

3.) Targeted prospects that are not yet active

Its transformational!

Its critical!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Because again, NO ONE DEFAULTS to prospecting…

Even when you do your GREEN TIME?!

If you do ONLY just the 90 minutes of calling and prospecting?

Discarding the third-third-third….

Let’s say, your working more attention towards HOT opportunities…

Surely, you’ll gonna gravitate to the less risky…the easiest!

Most salespeople didn’t have any clue how heavily they are investing ONE VS the OTHERS

Creating little time working on new opportunities!

A choice how you invest your time!

So my friend, How do you handle your SALES MATH?

Or what’s your required activity level at the beginning of your process necessary to produce the amount of closed business you desire?

Electromagnetic Waves

The heart has electromagnetics that goes out as much as 10 feet, that is picked up by the other person’s electromagnetic field.

You can be that far from one another, and already feel what the other feels about you.

It would sense our feelings and when that view is not a positive one, it follows that our prospects would resist our approach to them.

My friend, you have to be true to yourself, your lack of sales is not about your prospect, it’s about you!

It’s about your positivity as a whole. 

You are responsible to work on your attitude. 

Grateful people are grateful about everything! 

Don’t look for the opportunity to be proven right (that the customer was not interested)!

Be positive and be proven right!
Don’t be negative and be proven right!

So, what’s gonna make you more positive? 

Going into a meeting with a new prospect, thinking how great s/he is?
That there’s a great chance that this is gonna become a sale? 

Even if it’s not 100% true! 

That’s the whole idea. “Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!”

How do you do the right thing?

Be realistic and futuristic!

Anything that’s going to make you positive towards this sale.

Never give up lying to yourself that the next one will be the one. 
The past does not equal the future. Never!


Book 4. Day 163: New Sales Simplified

Rollercoaster is a choice…

Your pipeline today is your green time 60 days ago!

Your green time, your time block of today is your pipeline 60 days from now…

If its imbalanced in either direction its sure is a sign of trouble

So if you find yourself in a rollercoaster

One month your doing good, another month your not doing good

One month your focusing on support because you brought in sales…

Truth is, of course Support is needed in aftersales.

But in the model with Sales vs Support

Both should always go hand in hand…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Remember my friend, No one DEFAULTS to prospecting!

The sales part of it should be NON- NEGOTIABLE!

60-90 minutes a day of calling is NON- NEGOTIABLE!

The support part will fill up to as much time as you give it…

You give it 4 hours – it will fill up 4 hours…14 hours it will fill up 14 hours…

“The work will fill up the time you alot for it” – Parkinson’s Law

The sales part should be your DAILY DISCIPLINE

Put it in your calendar

And fight for it EVERY SINGLE DAY…

Albert Einstein Quote

Too many people are deeply disappointed with themselves.

Why can’t I approach people freely?
Why is it sooo hard to make those calls when it’s much easier for others?
Why can’t I take the conversation where I want it to go?
Why is the small talk such a pain in the neck?
Why does it take me such hard work to close deals?
Why can’t I be like THAT?
Why am I not like thousands of other people?

These people are literally in pain!

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” ~Albert Einstein

Embrace who you are; don’t fight it!

Invest all your energies in becoming the best “fish” you are, instead of wasting your energies in trying to become the “monkey,” you will never be.

So, to my dear introvert friend who is struggling to reach out…

Stop tormenting yourself!

Accept who you are.

It will lead you to be the best of who you could be.

There are successful people of all types.

Why compare yourself to others?

Just do YOU!!

Nobody started by making 500 phone calls…

It’s tough work for everybody, and it might be harder for you.

Accept it, and with that, make that next one call!

Ask yourself, what action can I take today as a “fish”?

Keep swimming!

Book 4. Day 162: New Sales Simplified

Strike while the iron is hot!

And it’s natural that hot leads deserve our full attention so they remain hot.
The problem?

Is when a salesperson is obsessed with ONLY this segment of the pipeline!

Overworking this part will create danger at the expense of the others segments your working

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Simply divide your opportunities into 3:

  1. Targeted – proactively pursuing
  2. Active accounts – started sales dialogue, potential opportunity
  3. Hot- is when real opportunities have emerged

It’s simple and as you categorized, you measure it!

Put it in the right bucket…

The goal is to check the status of each…

Why is this so important?

Again as mentioned before, no one defaults to prospecting mode.

Salespeople become “prisoners of hope” to the precious few hot deals they’re attempting to close.

Only focusing on the hot deals and no targeted will give you a sales rollercoaster…

Sometimes you have business, sometimes not…

Healthy pipeline shows balance in every segment…

Its full, It shows movement and it is balanced.

Remember my friend, rollercoaster is a choice!

Know your numbers

“I want to make $250k+ this year!”

Lots of people have this goal.

But if they can’t back up the numbers with a solid work ethic, then it’s just a dream.

It’s a dream they don’t even believe in.

They secretly think that “I want to succeed, but I know quietly (and don’t tell my manager), that there’s no way I’m gonna make it.”

When you know your numbers you can have the confidence that you will succeed.

This is how the numbers work:

How many cold-calls lead to an appointment?
How many appointments lead to an application?
How many applications lead to a sale?

No matter how many steps your industry requires, calculate how many calls you need to reach to lead towards a sale.

Work with intelligence, so when a prospect says “no”, you don’t get worried.

Because you know it takes a certain amount of “no’s” before a sale.

Does it take 50 calls to make 1 sale?
Or is it 25 calls to a sale? 

Then, start perfecting your process.
How are your calls?
Is your list right?
Is your script good? 

Once you fine tune your process, your numbers will come down. 30-1, 25-1… then 20-1, and down more, so forth.

Test, track, and know your numbers.

Know your numbers and you know the feeling of financial security.

Because you’re just x# calls away from the sale! 


Book 4. Day 161: New Sales Simplified

“He who chases two rabbits catches none” by Gary Keller

You can’t have two startups at the same time, right?

IF you have 20 different ways how you can do prospecting! 

You can’t do it ALL at ONE TIME.

Focus on the “ONE” thing

Learn it well…

Delegate when possible before moving into the next thing…

It don’t matter if it takes 3-4 months…

Master it!

Don’t be a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. 

“Tell me your most important things that your working on this year?”

“What does your calendar look like?”

“If there are 3 top things you want to do this year, how can they not have 50-75% of your time?”

We are not that multitalented to accomplish 10 PRIORITIES in one sitting, right? 

As a salesperson, Focusing on priorities one at a time can be done:  

First on the prospecting part…

Second on the follow up – before or after the sale!

Because in each are there are 20 things you want to do.  

Can you do all these things ALL AT ONE TIME?

Learning it?

Mastering it?

Automating it?

Let me save you some time…

You CAN’T! 

So my friend? 

What is that one thing you want to start with?

Self discipline

By nature everything rusts! 

The same applies for the brain.

I have to keep oiling and priming my mind. 

It’s so easy to want to skip a day of reading.
To take a pause of my morning routine.
To stop exercising.

We all need self discipline. 

ANT (Automatic Negative Thinking) whisper in the head and tries to change my mind.

I gotta do what I got to do.

Like Ray Dalio says: “Always do the MUST DO’s, before the LIKE TO DO’s” 

What is your self discipline?
Your own personal undertakings.
Your commitments.

Not the things that I’m used to doing since I was a little child. 

But as an adult, as we’re trying to build new #routines and create new #habits.

Remember, when the inner thoughts and #weakness say: just skip today!

You’re tired. Weak. Malnourished. 

Blah. Blah.

Just keep at it!

If you committed to improve in a certain area, let’s say for the next 30 days.

You feel like you want to stop that commitment. 

You cannot change that in the middle of a cycle.

Finish the 30 days!

After that? Decide again if you want to continue.

Before you commit to any changes, consider what you are getting into. Think about it for 24 hours.

Because, once you commit. Just stick to it!

Book 4. Day 160: New Sales Simplified

The trees DON’T CARE
The weather DON’T CARE

The Sun will still come up regardless who is president!

Look around you…

Life continues whatever happens
The Universe continues whatever happens

We don’t get pulled into the drama of it!

Your mind produces the stories and worries from the garbage you intake
Garbage IN – garbage OUT

Stories about “Whoa what if Biden WINS?”

You will think that the worry is REAL
BUT it’s NOT!

Creating worries in our minds!

They call it “Lack Attack”
Always looking for what’s missing!
Then attacks you on it!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Personal Development (How You Plan to Grow This Year)

The areas you would like to develop to increase your skills…

-Seeking out a mentor

This book called “Salesdrive” explains and scientifically studied Top salespeople and 3 elements:


“Stay humble, stay hungry and keep learning”

A TOP salesperson is constantly competing for himself

Always sharpening his sword
Always humble BUT ambitious
Ambition by PASSION not by ANXIETY!

Beautiful weather my friend!
And we still don’t know who the president is!