Book 4. Day 129: New Sales Simplified

Focus, focus and focus!

The most important currency in the 20th century!

What are your goals? To-do list?

1 hour at a time…

You spend a couple good hours a day!

Then you’re light-years ahead of your competition…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. “Probing Questions”

It’s not an interrogation!

It’s trying to find out…for you to offer the best service…

This will also develop compassion for the prospect!

When you have compassion…

You’re a rare breed.

And prospects will respond accordingly.

How to formulate effectively?

-How are you approaching Pain No. 1?
-What’s your experience pursuing Opportunity No. 2?
-Share your thoughts on capturing Opportunity No. 3? What’s worked and what hasn’t?
-What happens when Problem No. 4 raises its ugly head? And if the problem is not addressed, what’s the impact?
-Tell me about your current initiative to achieve Result No. 5.

Listen to the answers!

-Take notes
-Look interested
-If a topic has clear issues, dig deeper

Everything learned at this stage?

Will be useful later!

Never allow your down to challenge your core!

We are just human beings!

Humanity always wants to be perfect – wants more.

Realize, that when you want to reach the next step, and it’s not happening yet – that’s normal.


While you’re at that stage you might feel unhappy.


Because the brain fantasizes quickly, and it’s not bound by reality.

Thoughts tend to run a lot faster and wilder than the actual performance of these thoughts.

The same is also in every stage that you are in.

You want to pass to the next stage, the next close, the next quarterly bonus, etc.

You need to balance, between striving for more, and being happy where you are.

Never allow your downs to challenge you at the core.

That you’re not good enough.

You’re not smart enough.

Never allow it to get to the core.

What is at the core?

You are good enough!

You are smart enough!

You only fail when you give up!

We don’t allow giving up!

The downer is OK!

There’s always more to strive for, so where you now, may look like not enough!

But you are good enough!

Smart enough!

People want to hear about your ides!

You’re still in the best business, in the best atmosphere, and with the best team in the world!

Be well, my friends!

And 2020 is rocking!


Book 4. Day 128: New Sales Simplified

I was in Manhattan working at B&H Photo.

After the first plane hit, we walked down there in Javits Center, where I saw one of the buildings go down…

An interesting moment…

I remembered I walked home…

Trains didn’t work..

Papers from the Tower, actually reached to my house…

A day where a lot of things changed…

-People died
-Buildings fell

Now, they rebuilt with a nice museum there…

What’s the lesson?

Everything passes…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

What’s going on with your customer’s space?

What about his competitors?

What trends are against their situation.

These types of strategic questions helps you check their environment…

2 things that can either make or break…

1.) It’s smart to investigate the business at all means before asking

2.) Or by asking questions that are already too obvious

-Obvious to ask how many branches they have
-How many employees

All these sort of information that are publicly available!

Why not check their website? Youtube? Press release? Events? Social Media?

Otherwise, customers will think LAZY!

When homework is done?

It gives you leverage!

That you really, really care about their business!

How much of your potential are you reaching

How much of your potential do you think you’re reaching?
This is a trick question.
The mind always races a thousand miles ahead of what is possible to execute.
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who have accomplished a lot more than the average, have things they still want to accomplish.
Because thinking is easier than doing.
It’s an ego trip that makes you think: “How great am I that I want to accomplish so many great things.”
Feeling bad for not accomplishing enough is an ego trip; because I am so great and believe in my potential, that my ego feels bad for not accomplishing. That only reinforces how great you are.
That’s called a dys-empowering positive statement; a powerful statement that will make you dysfunctional.  
“The key in life is you BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat, and steal yourself to positivity” -Lou Landau.
Thinking big is actually not accomplishing.
Why does Lou Landau – the forward-moving positive force – say to stop thinking big?
DON’T stop thinking big.
What are YOU DOING TODAY towards your goal?
Dreaming big without doing it with daily #discipline is a set-up for failure.
“If you don’t know clearly what you need to do every day, every week, and if you don’t do it with discipline, you have ZERO POTENTIAL”.

Book 4. Day 127: New Sales Simplified

Rainy weather!

It’s natural to be affected…yes, we get affected, we get wet.

Now it’s raining…then what?

Will it affect my mind? My work? My goals?

Can’t do my phone calls?
Can’t do push-ups?
Can’t go to work?
Can’t finish a project?

Is the mind suddenly different because the sun isn’t shining?

There’s no rain inside the house…
Not in the office either…

The weather is the weather!

“If you can do it sometimes, then you can do it all the time” by Lou Landau.

“We do not allow the weather to affect us negatively, but we do allow it to affect us positively” by Lou Landau.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Personal Questions”

People buy from people they like!

Asking personal questions can earn affection…

A successful long term client relationship is when there is mutual trust.

You really know each other:

-dreams and fears
-short and long term goals

Isn’t that the type of long-term partnership we desire?

Deeply personal but appropriate…

Again my friend, in spite of the external forces?

You’re job is to control the internal forces!

“If you’re passing through a storm, calm yourself! The storm will pass!”

The key is to be happy “in the now”

Slaved laborers

When the Jewish people were slave laborers in Egypt, the Pharaoh came down to the brick factory and worked alongside the laborers.
Of course, they were working enthusiastically and it was a great day of production.
At the end of the day, the Pharaoh counted how many bricks were produced.
“From today on, this is the minimum number of bricks that has to be done every day.”
The same thing happened during WW2.
The Germans came down to the labor camps and did the same trick with the laborers.
Then they set that as the new norm.
I heard from Vishen Lakhiani that he tests his strength by doing the same number of push-ups as his age.
I said to myself: “Okay, that’s what I’m gonna do.” It took time to master it, but every morning I get down and do my push-ups
matching my age.
Many days, I wake up and I’m not in the mood to do it. But then I just do it.
If I can do it once, I can do it every day.
My fellow salesperson:
“If you can do it some times, you can do it all the time.” -Lou Landau
If you’ve done it on good days, you HAVE the skill and the talent to do it.
An hour prospecting, 30 calls a day, speaking to 10 people a day, 50 push-ups, etc etc
Just commit to doing it and the mood will follow.
What strength will you have today in your business?


Book 4. Day 126: New Sales Simplified

“See Dad, that’s my mother”
“She has hazel eyes”


I have brown eyes, UNFORTUNATELY”

Imagine the self-esteem…

What’s the difference?

Do you have less opportunity because of those brown eyes?

“The root cause of all human suffering is attachment”

“Attachment to something you have that you don’t want, or something you have that you don’t want”

My friend, NOBODY can be a bigger fan other than yourself!

Everything that is you is AMAZING!

-Eye Color
-Skin Color
-Rich or poor

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Ask Probing Questions: Discovery”

During childhood, we were taught that there’s no such things as “stupid questions”

Completely wrong!

You see, things can go off by being ignorant and off-target.

The key here is simply: GREAT

Elements of great questions can lead to:

-identify opportunities
-gather important information

A “must” step for you to move forward…

“Great” Probing is a powerful skill and essential to getting deals done!

And so my friend, I’ll end with a short prayer…

“G-d HaShem, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

Never look at the mirror without smiling!


Good morning!

I’m sorry I never shared with you my most important secret.


I meditate every single day between 15-30 minutes minimum.

Sometimes more than that.

Often, multiple times a day.

Whenever I feel confused or irritable about something.

I know that I need meditation.

Nothing compares to daily meditation.

This can be proved by brain scans.

If a person meditates daily for 8 weeks, for as little as 7-10 minutes per day, you can actually see your brain change.

How did I start out with this?

A friend of mine said to me: “Lou, my friend, I hear you’re complaining for so many months and years. How about meditation?”

I went on an 8-week challenge – 8 long weeks! For 10-15 minutes a day!

The results:

A guy who has been confused and moping, transformed into a calm and pleasant character.

This is a promise!

15 minutes a day can change your life!

How stupid can you be not to do this?

Nothing has done more for my personal development than the practice of daily mediation.

This has been done for thousands and thousands of years already. Every spiritual system has it.

My challenge to you my dear friend is, how can you not do this?


Book 4. Day 125: New Sales Simplified

You can do it!

How do you know you’re doing it?

Because you keep doing it!

You keep surprising yourself!

Ambition by passion not by anxiety!

The need and greed to conquer a lot and make billions, has its place…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 3rd of the 7 Phases of Winning a Sales Call “Clean Up Their Issues”.

Doctor walks into your room.

An hour after, writes that prescription…

Will you take it?

In sales, flip that Doctor position as you…

Looking to cure the prospect’s pains(Illness).

-Where the conversation is two-way

-Where Discovery comes before the presentation

-Where your 3 minutes(power statement) plays a huge impact

And during that meeting:

  • You’re in full control (check)
  • Adapting the buyer’s style (check)
  • Tone of voice and body language (check)
  • Two way conversation and engagement (check)
  • Your story (check)
  • list of reasons (check)
  • what you sell (check)
  • why you are the best choice (check)

All these wrapped up in 10 minutes or so…

A well structured plan shared to the buyer…

Unique and engaging! Why?

Most don’t have an agenda.

Most don’t apply power statements.

Staying focused

What are the yearly numbers you want?
$100,00? $250,000? 500,000?
In coaching, we start there, and break it down.
How many loans do you need to close a year?
How many loans does that come to per month?
How many people do you need to reach out to each day?
It’s tailor made for you!
We are laser-focused on YOUR goal and what it takes to get you there.
WE call it a “small box number.”
Why a small box?
So there is no room for stories.
Only for action!
This one of the many concepts we talk about again and again.
To keep you super-focused, motivated, and positive, to do what you gotta do!
To get you to your own desired goal.
If you do your small box number, you speak to your number of people;
you’ll close the right amount per month, the right amount per year, and
ultimately bring home the numbers you set your eyes on.
G-d willing!