”It’s always now!”

This is a quote I believe from the East.

When it comes to not worrying about the future.

”Be Here Now” – the famous book from Eckhart Tolle.

And the point is – don’t worry about the future.

Don’t ruin your now, because of something that may or may not happen in the #future.

Of course, you’ll ask me:

”What do you mean?”

“I got to plan for my future”

“Do mean to say don’t plan for the future?”

The answer is:

”Plan, yes!”

”Worry, not!”

Book 4. Day 92: New Sales Simplified

I behave like my livelihood depends on your sales success!”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg’s Coach Power Statements which he uses for his own business.

Mike Weinberg’s power statements does exactly what he needs to do.

Provides sales and sales leadership coaching to teams.

Hired by companies and work with individuals.

Here are a few statements in a different approach:

  • Don’t call me for customer service training. You only want me if you are serious increasing new sales.
  • I will not bring your people to my classroom for some canned content.
    Don’t be surprised to find me jumping to observe sales calls.
  • I speak in blunt plain language and use new business development framework.
  • You don’t want a ski coach sitting and sipping brandy. Be with someone who grabs you and says “Follow me down the hill”

All these keeps his message.

“My story is my story is my story”

In a Blink of an eye!

In a blink of an eye!

Life is a fleeting moment my friend.

You blink and it’s winter…

Another blink and its summer again…

Another blink and it’s 10 years from now.

10 years from now we’ll be here anyway.

10 years is going to come.

July 2030!

You’re going to look in the mirror.

Look into yourself 10 years older than now.

Hopefully, you’ll be smiling.

But what are you going to be smiling about?

Think, believe, and get a hold of yourself.

I wish for you that you should be proud of yourself.

And much of how you look in the mirror at yourself 10 years from now.

Depends on what you are going to do in the next 10 years…

That’s why we’re here.

To remind you to do what you got to do.


It’s not always easy my friend!

That’s why this is a friendly reminder…

-Not an obligation
-Not a requirement
-No pressure
-No guilt
-No shame

None of the above.

Don’t focus on changing your whole life in 15 different areas in 1 minute in 1 day.

Too much and too fast…

“He who chases 2 rabbits catches none!”
-Old Chinese proverb

Start one thing at a time and make sure you’re strong at it, before selecting a second target.

July 2030!!

Book 4. Day 91: New Sales Simplified

How do you make customers listen?

How do you make customers answer questions?

Power statements come from listing pain points.

We continue with the final two pieces of Allsafe’s power statement.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

Offering and Differentiators.

We provide true integrated security. Include firstclass manpower
and closed-circuit television.

Allsafe continues to dominate the security market because we are
very different from the others:

  • A one-stop shop that provides real integrated solutions.
  • We offer in-house financing and leasing options
  • We are “vendor agnostic,” providing the best-fit products for your application.
  • No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster.

Mike credits a good portion of Allsafe’s team success and each salesperson…

To incorporate these statements into the sales attack.

Book 4. Day 90: New Sales Simplified

How do we justify premium pricing?

Allsafe has a stellar reputation.

Prices are at significant premium but faced regular price-cutting atatcks
from competitors.

What the sales organization needed was:

-a much improved sales story to justify the premium pricing

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

Here’s the power statement they came up with:

Transitional Phrase and client Issues Addressed.
Building owners look for Allsafe when:

-Facing excessive liability exposure and growing life/safety fears.
-They’ve had it with guards who are poorly trained, unreliable and constantly turning over.
-Continually embarrassed by the image projected by their security personnel.
-Seeking a competitive advantage b yoffering the finest security available to tenants and guest.

What else struck you about the client issues section of the power statement?

Isn’t it interesting that there’s not one single thing about All-safe?

Every single syllable is focused on issue that matter deeply to the prospective customer.

The power in the power statement comes from listing the pains we remove, problems we solve, and the results we help achieve.

Top producers have one thing in common

Top producers have one thing in common.

They have a consistent daily activity.

So this loan officer, extremely successful, he’s doing like 34 loans a month.

Here’s the daily activity that this guy does…

He works Monday through Thursday.

From 9-12 he does his prospecting – after 12 he does meetings.

He only deals with the origination part and his partner does the processing and filing.

Well, listen to what he does from 9-12 every single day.

He sends out 100 text messages to his realtors, which are tracked in a CRM

He has by now already over 1600 realtors In his contacts, and that is how he gets business, he keeps in contact with them consistently.

And he says, today, for example, out of the 100 text messages, he got 3 leads and 4 unsubscribes.

Yes, he is also getting unsubscribes, and therefore? he gonna stop doing it???

Of course not!! he also got 3 leads.

What is your daily activity in prospecting, how does your daily activity look like?

Ok, he has 1600 and you have only 30, how about building it up to 50 then to a hundred than to 200?

Whether its Facebook, LinkedIn, Text, or Whatsapp whichever way you do it…

Do it consistently…

Do You Like Riding A Roller-Coaster?

I want to quit!

Let’s talk about the roller-coaster effect.

A high performing life insurance agent once shared with me an interesting point.

He was new to the business, did a lot of sales, very successful, and suddenly one month he did zero business.

That was because he was so busy closing a lot of pending business…

That he stooped doing…


And suddenly he found himself on a roller-coaster, going from a fantastic few months to literally zero.

That was so painful…

He couldn’t take it.

He almost quit.

Then his manager explained this concept.

Have you ever tried pushing a stuck car?

In the beginning, it’s very very hard, you need a lot of people helping to do the first push, but once it’s moving, it’s getting easier, all you need to do, is keep on pushing, as long as its moving, if you stop even for a second, you got to start all over again.

The reason you have zero business is that you didn’t do any prospecting for a while, your pipeline dried up, now to start again is very hard.

You can’t stop prospecting and doing sales, even if you have loads of business in the pipeline, it’s a mistake that drives great salespeople out of business.

“The roller coaster is a choice…” -Carl White

I repeat, do you remember this: The roller coaster is a choice…

Book 4. Day 89: New Sales Simplified

The least compelling component of our story…

Our offerings.

Careful not to oversell but works best if this is described in a few sentences.

Another power statement transitions to the list of reasons.


Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

In differentiators…

Clients and borrowers turn to Mint Capital for their residential mortgage needs for yourself and investments whether it’s:

primary resident
cash out

They continue to turn to the Mint Capital because we deliver we communicate…

All you need to do is sign!

We’re different because we’re brokers, we deal with lots of banks and hundreds of programs.

If you say it could get done – it will get done…

We get it done.

Because we have access to 10’s of different of banks we are able to give you the best price in the market.

Power statements like this can give an opportunity to declare the offering…

Cause of Inactivity (COI)

Are you afraid of rejection?

Do you absolutely hate it?

Can’t take it?

Guess what?

Well, if you don’t ask, it’s a guaranteed no!


Automatically rejected.

Inaction is a guaranteed no.

Rather take a no than a non-response.

Get this into your head!

Inaction is a guaranteed no!

Ask 6.7 times until you get a yes or a no.

You have the time and energy to do this right now…

You are building a long-term business.

You are #afraid that you don’t know anything?

This is just a mindset – whatever it is you can figure it out.

Nothing in this business is rocket science.

Figure it out…

You can, if you believe you can.

And again, my friend

Whatever you fight for – you get to keep.

Book 4. Day 88: New Sales Simplified

“Frustrated borrowers and Realtors turned to Mint Capital when their current status/application were not doing well”

What struck you after reading this statement?

A conversational format using issues and emotionally charged words.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, Sales Story as the most important weapon of all.

Client Issues – Pains Removed – Problems Solved – Results Achieved

Describing each issue with provocative words and emotional words:

-Striving to achieve Result 1.
-Frustrated from dealing with Pain 2 and ready to take action.
-Under significant pressure to eliminate Problem 3.
-Committed to accomplishing Result 4.
-They’ve had it with Pain 5.
-Facing threats (or regulatory pressure) from Issue 6.
-They are finally tired of living with Problem 7 and want help
tackling it.

EX: Builders come to ABC tower company when they absolutely want to get it done on time.

What is your power statement my friend?