BS yourself to functionality

Last week I wrote a few posts about my rule:

“The key in life is to BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity.” -Lou Landau

Whatever it takes to make you more positive.

I got some feedback, and apparently, some people don’t want to hear this.

“No, I don’t agree with it,” one person told me.

Some people seem to have a hard time with lying to themselves.

Is that really the case?

Is negative thinking more true than positive thinking?

Why is it that by the positive thinking you challenge it as not being real.

But the negative BS you accept it as real?


Why is it that when I tell you about Future Truth (see Patrick Bet-David video) positivity, smile to yourself, be grateful, visualize a good future!

Suddenly they are doubtful, skeptical, it’s not real, it’s not reality.

Are you afraid of BS?

Are you scared to lie?

Are you such an authentic person that it has to be a 100% truth, and you can’t see yourself lying to yourself to pump yourself up with positivity?

You feel like you have to see yourself with the part-truth of the negativity…

Why is this less BS than positivity?

So yes!

BS yourself to functionality – lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!

Choose your BS wisely!

Book 4. Day 71: New Sales Simplified

How do you entertain prospects without straining your budget?

Tickets to customer’s favorite sport event?

Dinner spot at a nice restaurant?

Coffee shop?

Entertainment takes the customer to another level and in another environment.

The sales tension side of it subsides.

Would you spend thousands of dollars on it?

Remember, it’s the experience that matters.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, we talk about Entertainment as part of the sales weapon in the arsenal.

There is a way for us to utilitze our weapons appropriately

Through that, help grease the wheels of prospects.

So, there’s this interesting little book called “Mr. Schmooze” by Richard Abraham.

It’s about a salesman who had a tremendously large database.

His way of sales is abundance of energy as well as taking care of his customers.

And whenever he heard somebody is into something like his son is practicing basketball?

He would right away arrange for someone to coach that kid and somehow make a big impression.

Anything relevant to the customers.

Point is.

When offering entertainment, not all the time that you will also be there!

It could be entertainment for the customer – without YOU being there.

Where can you help your customer have a wonderful and fun experience?

Where he can remember you in that light.

The small box challenge

The small box is a concept I heard from Rene F. Rodriguez.

His manager had a small box and he called them managing by small box number.

Why a small box?

So there’s no room for a story.

The small box number is based on statistical calculations, of the number of people, you have to speak to, every day, in ordered to make your desired sales goal…

Basically, it takes the industry average, and it breaks it down to activity.

How many people do you have to talk to, to get a referral?

How many referrals do you need to get an appointment?

How many appointments do you need to get an application?

How many applications do you need to get to a loan?

How much do you make on an average loan?

How much do you want to earn for the year?

How many loans does that mean for the year?

How many days do you work in a week?

Start with the industry average and then you see if your numbers match up.

So in the mortgage business, we broke it down to 25 people to talk to, which brings it ultimately to one loan.

Based on that you get to a certain number of talk to’s per day.

That is your small box number.

The number of people you need to speak to, every single day!

One step at a time

Enough! I’m giving up!

When PayPal got sold to eBay, Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Electric Vehicle News was worth 108 million dollars.

He was a young guy, I think 25 or younger.

He invested all of that money into two companies, SpaceX and Tesla.

In 2008 both of them were almost bankrupt!

But only almost!

He never gave up!

It took him 18 years!

Talk about not giving up.

How many impossible things can we accomplish…

And you, my friend.

What is it that you want that you still see as impossible?

And what could happen if you start moving towards that?

And what would happen 10 years from now if you start moving tiny steps towards that every day?

One little step at a time every day.

In 10 years from now, the 10 years will pass anyway.

You will see yourself, god willing, in 10 years from now!

How is your life going to look like Jun 11, 2030?

The cup or the content?

What are you passionate about?

What are you good at?

What do you love doing?

Jim Collins, Steve Jobs, and almost all business leaders agree that a person needs to be able to answer those questions in order to be successful.

Similarly says the Chovas Halvuves which is a Jewish sage of a about a thousand years ago, according to the Jewish philosophy a person is not even allowed to work in a profession that his soul is not connecting to.

So all the skills and talents come down to the energy, the deep inside passion, It’s all in the soul energy part of us.

So how come we are so obsessed with the physical body image part of ourselves?

How come we allow the body image part of ourselves, be a factor whether we’re happy or not?

How come we allow our body image – which is the less essential part of us – to drag down my soul energy part of me.

And I believe with a little awareness we can change that.

So when I go into a meeting, I say to myself very consciously, I am showing up with my soul energy part of me, my body is only the housing.

Imagine there’s a cup filled with delicious, expensive wine, what is it? What’s the important element here? Is it the cup? or is it the content?

Soul Energy

Of course, we want to be self-accepting of our body image as well.

We are in a culture where we put so much importance on body image.

I’m not getting into whether it’s good, bad, or ugly.

It’s just the reality of life, it always was, and it will always be.

The fact is we are one.

However, it’s important to be aware and realize.

We come into a conversation with anyone, whether it’s a business meeting or just a conversation, business meeting, whether it’s your spouse, peers, children, customer, or anything.

Who is showing up?

My child’s energy, my child’s personality, my child’s soul wants to have a conversation with my soul.

My spouse wants to have a conversation with my soul.

My salespeople want to have a conversation with my energy.

And I have the opportunity to share myself – share my energy.

Not sharing my body, they don’t want to have a conversation with my body.

They want to have a conversation with my soul energy.

I can put my head into the message and consciously say to myself, let my energy show up to the meeting.

Let my energy show up and do its best work at this meeting.

Who is in charge?

Why should a body affect the soul energy to drag it down?

Rather let the soul bring up the energy.

Book 4. Day 70: New Sales Simplified

Michael Jordan was the leading force for the Chicago Bulls.

But was he able to win all Championship titles alone?

Truly he was the dominant hand – but winning the league is not about indiviual accolades anymore in order to accomplish history.

There goes teamwork.

In sales, this is a powerful weapon to win the prospects and clients.

Each role is vital in order to fulfill the mission.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, we talk about Team Selling as part of the sales weapon in the arsenal.

Let’s say in the software business.

There will be other people involved in the sales process.

Account Management

Your prospect will have the opportunity to speak to everyone involved in each of the stages.

Given that, everyone should be coordinated and should have sales and technical training to ensure smooth transitions with the prospect.

What else should be critical in each role?

The Do’s and Don’ts.

The What and What-not-to say…

Like the site tour – everything and everyone should be orchestrated.

Who else in your company should prospects be talking, to ensure prospect’s confidence for the company?

Create your own tape

What’s playing in your head?

Create your own tape.

Your exact story of how you do things.

And make winning and success part of it.

Your own unique tape will serve two purposes for you; one it will constantly tell you how great you’re doing and how awesome your future looks.

Two, it will play your routine over and over again until you don’t realize you’re doing it – winning included!

Hit the play key and start your tape today!

Start racing and winning, automatically!

Book 4. Day 69: New Sales Simplified

Who is still doing prospecting site tours?

If you do it right, it could be a well-orchestrated selling machine.

One of Mike’s sales mentors sold 401K plans for a giant financial company.

So, they used to do site tours for prospecting.

But, every step of the tour was perfectly planned, key players rehearsed their roles.

A brilliant sales process.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, we talk about Facility Tours as part of the sales weapon in the arsenal.

Zappos does free site tours.

Prospects are able to see the culture, the vibes the
different departments and how they operate.

I went once, and it was an amazing experience.

They were bought by Amazon, one big reason is because of the culture.

And Amazon also started offering free site tours, definitely worth 2 hours of your time.

What do we get out of it aside from the vibrant staff and seamless operations?

The whole tour is actually a sales pitch!

What do you think about it?

Would you be using site tours as part of your sales tools?

The Trusted Advisor

Why should they trust you?

Every salesperson has to look deep inside.

What am I good at?

What’re my strengths?

Like Jim Collins talk about in “Good To Great” there’s that thing that you are passionate about.

The thing you could become the best person in the world at it, that’s the thing you should make a good profit from.

One of my strongest models is:

A Forward Moving Positive Force!

That’s me.

A forward-moving positive force.

A successful salesperson in any industry is a trusted advisor.

In today’s day and age people out there have enough information on everything.

Warren Greshes explained it best in his amazing book ”The Best Damn Sales Book Ever”

There’s enough information on the internet – they don’t come to you for information, they come to you because you care and they trust you.

They want a trusted advisor – the human touch they want on their side.

And that’s why they come to you for.

So what is it?

That you could become that forward-moving positive force.

In which area?

And what kind of business…

what role?

How do you see yourself?