Don’t struggle #2

Part 2:

As you go on the ‘easy street’ of life, you will invariably stumble across new challenges.

We can learn from Ray Dalio’s 5 step process to success:

Step 1: Set Goals

Where do you want to go.

Step 2: Struggle and stumble towards your goal.

It’s a fact, you’re going to struggle in life.

Step 3: Identify the problem.

There is surely more than one problem that is holding you back. 

What is causing the reluctance?

If you love what you do, then your work should be easy.

You should look forward to it without any resistance.

You’re good and smart enough.

People are looking forward to your call. 

How do I get better at this, so not to struggle anymore.

Get to the root cause. 

Don’t tolerate problems. 

You can’t survive when you keep fighting for yourself.

Don’t just survive.

But thrive and succeed beyond your dreams.

Step 4: Design a Solution:

Design many solutions.

Try all of them.

Step 5: Follow Through.

Push through the solution that you designed. 

As you go through life, you will eventually bump into more challenges. No doubt.

Repeat the process.

Identify. Design. Push through.

The game of life should not be a game of suffering. Constantly work on yourself.

We were born into a system, we work on ourselves, to become the best version of ourselves.


Book 4. Day 158: New Sales Simplified

You want to reach 250k dollars?

That’s 2 sales a week per month…

All boils down to “GREEN TIME”

60 minutes phone calls? 90 minutes?
Or 2 hours every single day?

Know that you have control over these commitments…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

These elements of commitments:

1.) Number of hours of TIME BLOCKING
2.) Number of Outbound calls (face to face sales calls)
3.) Number of trips to key markets and major presentation
4.) Number of proposals

Applying the “small box” number!

How many applications?
How many live appointments?
How many phone calls needed?
How many hours needed to commit to?

I made a Google sheet calculator putting all numbers in place.

Gives you a forecast data.

Example: Takes 25 meaningful conversation converting to 1 sale!

OK – so you know your numbers!

Remember, your phone calls today?

Is your PIPELINE in 60 days!

Whatever is it that your going to track my friend

All sales activities of commitment and accountability.

In order to reach your goal!

Take these ACTIONS!

You cannot control the outcome.
Only the actions that you do.

You Should Not Be Struggling At Your Work

By the way, I used to be a life insurance agent.
It lasted for 6 months.

That was 15 years ago.

(Whoa. You never knew that. )

I was doing very well there. I made 30 sales in 90 days. 

It looked like I was flying high. I was gonna be a rockstar. 

When I use my energy, I certainly could do it.

So why did I give it up?

Simple: I was not #happy.

I loved the training part.

But I was fighting with myself at every step.

I couldn’t bring myself to make the calls.

I remember vividly sitting in my office in #Brooklyn on Broadway, looking at the phone literally in terror.

The phone was like an 800-pound #gorilla staring me in the face.

When I finally dialed, but nobody picked up the call, I was literally sighing in relief. 

(First I was praying that they should answer, then I thanked God that no one answered the call!)

When I had to make a presentation to a client, I felt like a piece of garbage. A beggar begging for business.  

I was fighting with myself.

That’s why I left.

My friends, this is not a way to live! 

This is not the way to succeed in any field. 

Hindsight is #2020.

If you love what you do, your work will be like a piece of cake!

Part 2 continues tomorrow.


Book 4. Day 157: New Sales Simplified

Time blocking!

When? What time? Which list? Put it in your calendar! Repeat the calendar event!

All details should be worked on

All the “HOW?” to get maximum results!

Get an accountability partner.

Do not only check the the first week, check also what happens after that?

Check your momentum!

You will get stronger and mentally tough!

Compound effect!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

“HOW” You Are Going to Do It?

  1. Strategies

-Are there certain existing accounts where you plan on
investing extra energy?

-Which geographies, vertical industries, or channels will
you pursue?

-What major cross-sell opportunities exist within existing

-How will you approach new accounts?

-What tools to use to achieve your goals?

If you do this every day, what is it gonna do for your business?

90 minutes of phone calls what is it gonna do?

Remember, its not everyday that you are in the mood.

Working every single day with this discipline takes you deeper..

Stick to it!

You will get smarter and stronger in that area!

You have increased your capacity…

Little obstacles don’t come up so much anymore!

It’s already conquered…

Its raising the bar on your maturity and emotional intelligence!


How To Fake More Arrogance

  1. How do I handle a prospect that has a family or friend in the same line that I am trying to sell?

2. What do I tell a prospect that says: “Hey, didn’t hear from you in years! Now, you’re calling me because you’re looking to sell something?”

Great questions asked by one of our amazing new loan officers.

Both have the same answer.

Firstly, being new in the line, you might feel less confident.

This is not necessarily a negative. It’s a simple reality.

You need to learn to swim in this sea. As we gain experience, you will be able to move past these objections. 

Have confidence in yourself.

Fake arrogance to gain confidence.

Know that you are backed by solid training.
Know that you are backed by a solid team.
Know that you are backed by a solid product.

We have the combined knowledge of our team, worth 100’s of years of experience.

Learn how to handle objections. 

Every line of business, being a realtor, salesman or loan officer will face objections.

It doesn’t matter which excuse the prospect throws at you.
What matters is, how do you handle objections?

Fake it until you make it. 
Because you got it in you!

You need to identify your strengths and believe in yourself.

Confidence follows success. 

Let your creativity guide you. Don’t let your ego hurt you.

Book 4. Day 156: New Sales Simplified

We are moody and forgetful creatures!
Writing down is a reminder!

This makes us see the goals!

Seeing the target!

A reminder to ourselves where we are…
Helping our subconscious to work on it!

Example: Generating new ideas and improving these materials constantly…

You may come across some and thought its “NEW” but it’s not!

Later realized, you’ve had this many times before…

All because it was NOT written!

We are forgetful!
Always distracted!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

To ensure that the plan is smoothly executed…
We write an annual business plan!

Here’s the 1st component:

  1. Goals—What You Are Going to Achieve.
  • Total revenue dollars
  • Gross profit (dollars or %)
  • # of new accounts acquired
  • Net new business dollars
  • Revenue dollars from existing accounts
  • Product categories
  • Personal income goals

In the Mint Capital; we do this in number of LOANS by month!

Simple and trackable!

Dashboards that show every month and year vs what your goals are…

This keeps track where you are falling short!

What you should be doing that you’re not…

Your accountabilities!

These so called “goal” numbers are not usually the problem.

By account, its usually our HABITS…

Constantly growing

“A person who possesses 100, desires 200.” -Talmud

This verse in the Talmud describes human nature as always craving more. 

Most commentaries explain it as negative, the human is never happy with his lot.

It wants more.

I feel, that we can also see this Talmud verse positively. As a matter of fact statement.

Humans constantly want to get better, perfect themselves, and grow more.

We constantly see it in our work.
We have to-do lists, tasks, projects, books to read, and courses to take.

The human thirsts to perfect and elevate itself. 

We see areas that need improvement, new ideas to implement. 

Don’t give up the desire to grow.

And at the same time, be happy, excited, and satisfied with what you are doing right now.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

While you’re very happy.
Good enough.
Smart enough.
Doing great work. 

At the same time, know that you need to grow.

You got to work with “ambition through passion, rather than ambition through anxiety”.

Just because it’s true that I want to perfect myself, does not mean that what I have now, which is less good, is NOT good.

Read that again. It’s Deep!



Book 4. Day 155: New Sales Simplified

The Math is different for every business…

Let’s look at the numbers in terms of activity:

12 closed deals requires 36 proposals delivered
36 proposals requires 48 opportunities
48 prospects with needs identified requires 72 initial meetings
72 initial meetings requires 144 initial proactive conversations

Imagine the whole chain if this increased?

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

In the Mint Capital we call this “small box” number

Why a small box?

So there’s no room for stories…

So, for others they would depend on “referrals”

Referrals are good but there are two ways to get leads!

1) Direct to consumer marketing
2) Referrals

Increase the flows for both of these platforms!

Remember, you do not ONLY represent as a “salesperson” in your company.

You are also an ENTREPRENEUR!


How do you promote the business?
How do you strategize guerilla marketing?
How do you do direct marketing?

What does it take to get attention on your business?

Metrics are necessary in order to track the activity.

Generally, we cannot control the result, but we certainly can control the volume of activity.

Remember if you know your numbers, then you would know what are losses you need to fill.

Focus on the big things first

There’s a famous parable of a professor who came into class with a big empty pitcher.

1. He then took a pile of big rocks and put it into the pitcher.

Full to the rim.

There was no more place for stones.

2. The professor then took a pile of little pebbles and added it into the jug.

The pebbles filled the spaces around the rocks.

He held it up for all to see.

Now it was indeed full.

3. Then he surprised his students by adding sand to the pitcher.

The sand filled the cracks around the stones and pebbles.

Surely now the jug was absolutely full.

4. But, no!

The professor added a pail of water that filled all the air pockets of the jug.

My fellow friend, we can learn a lesson from this story.

Had he done the opposite way or a different order not everything would have fit.

At the start of a quarter we get all pumped up, full of energy and power, momentum and strength.

As time goes by the energy wanes.

We need to create BIG ROCKS for this quarter.

In 3 months from now, what will you have accomplished?

What are your big rocks?

Keep on setting goals.

First the big goals, the big rocks.

Then set smaller goals.

The small pebbles, if you stack them right, you will achieve!

What ‘big rocks’ will you accomplish in 10 weeks (till Dec 31)?


Book 4. Day 154: New Sales Simplified

The Math Works!
Work the Math!

Sales is a numbers game and we all heard it!

When will the salesperson listening to this stop thinking egoically??

Thinking to oneself like “I am dynamic! I am better! I don’t have to track my numbers!”

When will we listen??

Let’s test whether Mike Weinberg and Warren Greshes points in their books are all “mumbo jumbo”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Remember, we are not chasing every Tom, Dick, and Harry…

The more prospects we meet from our TWA(Target, Weapons and Attack) the more we close well…on a qualified basis.

When engaged in enough sales activity, data is relevant.

Every industry, every salesperson should know their numbers!!

You test and track it.

It gives you certainty vs the world of unknown.

“Know your numbers and you get the feeling of financial security”

Whatever you numbers…in general let’s say 10-1.

You’re always 10 calls away to making a sale!

That is a HUGE difference to financial security!

It goes with planning in reaching the goals.

Plan to acquire 15k this year?

This requires the breakdown:

-How many calls
-How many appointments
-How many sales needed

If you can’t back this up then its just a floating dream.