Book 4. Day 114: New Sales Simplified

Listen up Mr. Salesperson!

It’s your sales call!

Make no mistake about it!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Mentally Preparing for the
Face-to-Face Sales Call”.

“What is your plan for the call?” Mike asked

The rep replied “he doesn’t like to plan out his calls because that comes off as mechanical.”

He prefers his meetings to be organic!

What transpired was predictable, rep babbled nervously and there was no groove between the buyer.

It was an experience of defeat…

This is more alarming than ever!

In fact, the word organic has been used for most sales today!

Survey was done with sales leaders and reps, towards the same question.

Same answers, same problems.

It is true about outside reps having a clear goal, but awfully bad in creating formalized plan with the flow.

Bad things happen in your face to face meeting if you don’t have a plan!

You are who you are!

I’m not bringing an example of Jeff Bezos.

I’m not bringing an example of Elon Musk.

I am not Jeff and not Elon!

I am Lou Landau!

And YOU are who YOU are, my friend!

Say it out loud!
I am ___________[your name]!
I am the author of my life.

If it is to be it is up to me!
I can figure it out!
My reward is based on my effort.
I’m a student of life, a student of marketing. 
I am not an employee. 
I don’t know everything, but I can learn!

If I am a salesperson for a company, and I get support – I will use everything I get to empower myself.

I’ll use the office, the phone, the food, the brand.

But in reality, I’m building my own brand while plugged into the company brand.

Because I’m an entrepreneur!

I am a leader, not a follower!

That’s why I take bigger risks.

”Fail. Forward. Fast.” -John C Maxwell

It’s the life of an entrepreneur. 

An Entrepreneur fails early, uses it to move forward and fast!

JUMP! And you learn how to fly, on your way down…


Book 4. Day 113: New Sales Simplified

We have no right to be angry!

Prospects don’t know us and haven’t asked us to call.

The phone gets a bad reputation…

Because salespeople are not using it properly!

It’s always up to you!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

We continue with six thoughts on how you can win with voice mail:

  1. Be human. Use humor or guilt, not anger.

-Act like real people, normal people with feelings.

-Prospects don’t respond to robots, right?

-Effort and great story equals interest

-Apply something funny on facts

Ex: “I hope by now I’ve earned a callback based on perseverance alone”

-Never get angry or show frustration, they can actually smell those emotions over the phone.

How to improve?

Practice, practice, and practice!

Start using these in small numbers until you’re comfortable.

You know you’ll get results that you thought were not possible.

My friend, How have you been preparing to make calls?

what additions should you make to your standard preparations?

Again, my friend! If 3 quarters of the time you always receive voicemails?

Make it your friend!


Definition: “A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risk, in order to do so.”
The greatest salespeople are entrepreneurs; all business owners, at least the successful ones, have an entrepreneurial mindset.

What is an entrepreneur?

Why are they taking on, operate, and organize businesses?

An entrepreneur is a positive thinking person, a forward-looking person.
He sees a problem and finds a solution.
And then he believes in himself!

He believes that it is up to him.

Hillel the Elder says: “Im ein ani li, mi li” English translation: “If not for me, who then”
As the famous ten two-letter words go…

I have what it takes!
I can do this!
I can organize it!
I can figure it out!
I’m the boss!
I’m the author of my life.
I design my life.
I’m not an employee.
I have huge potential.
HUUUUGGGE! Like President Trump says it 😉


Book 4. Day 112: New Sales Simplified

“You want me to stop calling? Then buy from me – Warren Greshes”

It’s the name of the game…

Shocking but not suprising. Why?

Many salespeople, don’t do 7th to 8th attempts.

Makes the customer tells you: “I must not be high priority eh?”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

We continue with six thoughts on how you can win with voice mail:

5.) Ask for a call back; state that you will call again.

-Leave a number clearly to give prospect the time to write it down.

-Let them know you’ll callback.

-The message should be serious that you are trying to reach them.

-Don’t be a “one and done” salesperson.

-Take note they almost don’t respond with first attempts

So what’s the point if they don’t actually respond?

Sometimes what a salesperson loses in quantity, they gain in quality.

Take it from this quote “I’ll keep calling until you take out a restraining order”

Again, that’s the name of the sales game!

You’re getting a drug feeling

A friend was describing his anguish to me.

He was in so much pain and was attributing it to a mental and emotional issue.

I said to him, “yes, my friend, you are in pain, and you’re liking it, you need it, and you are looking for more.

How do I know?

Because you’ve been in this pain for months and years.

You’ve come to need it as an addict needs his fix.

My friend, if you get a hit from feeling inadequate, feeling not courageous enough, not strong enough; continually proving that you are defective and weak…

You are getting a drug hit with feeling low!

Observe your inner dialogue; catch yourself every time you find another weak point in you.

Recognize it for what it is – and inner dispensary of chemicals.

Challenge it!

Slowly but surely work yourself to abstinence.


Book 4. Day 111: New Sales Simplified

Stop the whining!

Not just in sales, but in anything in life!

Most in Sales complain about voice mail.

We know it takes at least 7 attempts!

This is a fact of life…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

What the survey says?

Salespeople end up in voice mail almost threequarters of the time.

Huge numbers!

Here’s 6 thoughts how to win it:

  1. Adopt a positive perspective.
  • start seeing the opportunities. Give it a positive touch!
  1. Expect and prepare for it. 
  • Worst thing you could do is be a victim. Else, you end up being a master of babbling! Panicked and trying to hit the pound key to kill the evidence.
  1. Use a snippet of your story
  • Leave a tiny piece of your story. Pick one or two client issues.
    Practice, practice, practice. Get them intrigued!
  1. Take the long view; see it as a campaign. 
  • The reality is that almost nobody calls back from voicemails. Make it short and create a campaign about it. One in a series!

Only one of 4 calls connects!

Does not make voicemails any lesser…take advantage of it!

It’s a drug hit!

It’s a drug hit!

That’s what I told my friend when he pointed out yet another weakness he has.

Many times people label themselves and then go on to point out every character flaw and challenge, to prove it.

Say there’s a young loan officer, entering the workforce.

He is timid, shy, and scared.

But he is using it as proof that he is an introvert.

“I’m so weak, I’m not good enough, not brave enough, not courageous enough to do this – I’m an introvert.”

In reality, most of humanity will experience the same feelings and deal with it at some point.

Two points:

#1 Don’t box yourself in!

Many things you do/feel are just human traits; it doesn’t prove that you are deficient or weak, especially if you are new or making a transition in life.

Not every challenge validates that you are type XYZ.

It’s just the human experience – deal with it!

#2 Stop using addictive emotions!

Emotions create chemicals; self-pity, self-loathing, feeling inadequate, feeling sad, helpless, or angry, all are chemicals.

The brain gets used to it and comes back for more.

These emotions are drugs.

Psychologists say “emotions are addictive”.

“But, it hurts so much…” cried my friend.

My answer “yes, and you are addicted to the pain”.

Call a spade a spade.

Stop using!


Book 4. Day 110: New Sales Simplified

Three Magic Words!

These words and messages are chosen carefully.

Word choices that are analyzed and used in proactive telephone calls…

Strongly advised by Mike Weinberg, as he himself used it over and over again.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

The three words are visit, fit, and value:

1.) Visit vs Appointment

  • Appointment sounds clinical while visit is a positive word. Similar to “visit”to with friends and family.

2.) “Fit”

  • non-threatening and it also disarms the prospect, this shows you are not desperate.

Ex: “Let’s get together to see if we might be a fit to help you…”

3.) “Value”

  • The yardstick by which we are all measured today!

Ex: “We’ll review your current situation and see if we can bring some value to to what you’re doing…

Usually this happens after prospect has predictably said: “NO”
the 1st and 2nd request.

Combine all magic words in trifecta and incorporate them in:

-sales conversations
-request for meetings

“Judy, I understand that you’re [objection here]…. Visit with me anyway. I promise you’ll get value and ideas from our time together, even if we end up not being a fit to help you.”

Fish does not climb a tree

A fish does not climb a tree, a monkey does!

So many people are deeply disappointed with themselves.

Especially the introverts.

Why can’t I approach people freely?

Why is it sooo hard to make those calls when it’s much easier for others?

Why can’t I take the conversation where I want it to go?

Why is the small talk such a pain in the neck?

Why does it take me such hard work to close deals?

Why can’t I be like THAT?

These people are literally in pain! 

Why am I not like thousands of other people? 

Because, you are not a monkey, you are a fish!

Or you are not a fish, you are a monkey.

Embrace who you are; don’t fight it!

Invest all your energies in becoming the best “fish” you are, instead of wasting your energies in trying to become the “monkey,” you will never be.

So, to my dear introvert friend who is struggling to reach out…

Stop tormenting yourself!

Accept who you are. 

It will lead you to be the best of who you could be.

There are successfull people in all types. 

Why compare yourself to others?

Just do YOU!!

Nobody started by making 500 phone calls…

It’s tough work for everybody, and it might be harder for you.

Accept it, and with that, make that next one call!

Ask yourself, what action can I take today as a “fish”?

Keep swimming!

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