E61: New Zeman: STOP That Thief

(In Yiddish Language). E61 – With a New Zeman ahead of us, you may be planning some changes in your life to increase your positive results… Well, Are You?And if you are, you may be wondering, how successful these changes will be, this time.
Listen to this Lebedige Gedanken shier where we delve into some tools to get some leverage on yourself. To help you Get More.
(This shier was given Live broadcast – Chol Hamoied Tuesday night 4/10/2012). Original post date: 5/16/2012

E58: What is the Rule #1 for a Normal Life?

(In Yiddish Language). E58 – What is the Rule #1 for a Normal Life?
Listen to this gem of a shier, will be worth every second of your time, and every $100 you Donate NOW!, to the SnapAhead Purim 2012 Donate NOW Campaign. Original post date: 3/1/2012

E54: Lesson from Chanikah – Also Special Discount THIS week

(In Yiddish Language). E54 – 2 Quick gedanken today:
1. A great lesson from Yehidis, now in the holy days of Chanikah.
2. The “Ads That $ell” was great, b”H. We are offering a special Chanikah offer of the replay, for ONE week only for just $149. Includes the 3+ hours CD and 250+ workbook. Original post date: 12/18/2011

E52: Mind Upgrade Interview with Sruly

(In Yiddish Language). E52 – Listen to a great content filled insightful interview with Isreal Neuman from YNBC Coaching Inc. See YNBC business brochure here. Original post date: 11/28/2011

E51: Leave the Emotions Aside – Also 2nd Live. Fr*ee Q&A Call

(In Yiddish Language). E51 – Last weeks tele-conference Q&A call was b&H a GREAT success, see the details here
hundreds of people were on the call live for almost 3 hours. And tens of people and business owners asked their pressing questions. Unfortunately time ran out, and we didn’t get to take all questions from all people. So we are doing it again this coming Thursday night November 24. Original post date: 11/22/2011

E50: WHY SUFFER IN SILENCE? – Live Fr*ee Tele-Conference

(In Yiddish Language). E50 – Around the World – This coming Thursday night 8:00pm EST, Yiddish Speaking business owners around the world are looking forward – for the first time in history – to get their business questions answered by Business and Marketing Guru Lou Landau from SnapAhead.com. Original post date: 11/14/2011