E48: Spanish anyone? and a New Shulem Bayes Course

(In Yiddish Language). E48 – Spanish anyone? I had a great experience, and learned a lot of lessons and I’m sharing it here with you. Original post date: 10/11/2011

E47: A Sweet & Happy New Year – Few Words

(In Yiddish Language). E47 – I was inspired to give this Shmies about the holy Yomim Tovim and some other important topics, Please understand first, don’t take this as I am lecturing you something, this is not the case here, I am talking to myself, my own feeling, and I am sharing it with the public as I usually do 😉 so if you don’t like it please don’t listen to it, if you do like it please share with your friends only if you really believe they will like it too. Original post date: 9/28/2011

E46: Marketing Secret Seminar In English – and other important updates

(In Yiddish Language). E46 – Dear Friend,
Time is running out, very limited space, this is your last chance to take advantage of the early bird special of a $50 discount, after Aug 30 this offer will be gone no exceptions, REGISTER NOW to take advantage of this opportunity. Original post date: 8/24/2011

E45: Why the rich person’s son lost so much of his father’s money

(In Yiddish Language). E45 – After a meeting with a rich person who is trying to setup his son in business, but for “some reason” the son is bankrupting one business after the other, I’m discussing different reasons why this is happening, and what can be done to fix the problems. Original post date: 8/16/2011

E44: WAKE UP – what have you done today?

(In Yiddish Language). E44 – If someone will ask you by the end of any given day; What have you done today? Will you have any idea what to answer? Did you ever ask yourself this question, “What have I done today”? Original post date: 8/3/2011

E43: Open Books – Open Door Policy

I(In Yiddish Language). E43 – In today’s address we discuss the “open books and open door policy”, 2 different points but similar in concept, imagine how a simple employee will perform if he would know exactly how his actions impact the bottom line? Original post date: 7/14/2011

E42: A Few Short yet Strong Ideas

(In Yiddish Language). E42 – A couple of misc points, about assembly line and systems in business, and how first you make your system and then you get the software to help you with that system. Original post date: 6/30/2011

E41: You Do Your BEST – Let Hashem Do The REST!

(In Yiddish Language). E41 – “You Do Your BEST – Let Hashem Do The REST!”
Ever heard this great Quote? It’s one of the greatest Success secrets in the business world today…Turns out, Rashi, in the Torah says this… Listen to hear more. Original post date: 5/29/2011

E40: Rock The Boat

(In Yiddish Language). E40 – Employers, Employees, Partners, things not going as planned? Been going like this for week, months, eyars. Time to “Rock the Boat”? Original post date: 5/9/2011