Three top questions for a frantic family

My friend recently sent me a wonderful gift.

It was the book “The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family” by #Patrick Lencioni.

The premise of the book is a fable of a management consultant that mentioned to his wife (who was running a frantic household with everything all over the place), “if our CEO would run their company like you run the house, we will long be out of business!”

The story continues how the wife ended up learning Patrick’s business tools and how it helped them as a family.

This book is really interesting. We all know that “the way you do one thing, is the way you do everything”.

(Most people who learn the EOS system have the same first reaction, “OMG! Why can’t we implement this at home / yeshiva / school / charity?”.)

The 3 Big Questions in the book, are:
> What makes your family unique?
> What is your family’s top rallying cry, right now?
> How will you use the answers and how will you keep it alive?

I tried this with my family, (not in a formal type of way — I just formed it into the conversation). 

We found a mission and defined the objective to do on a regular basis.
We will review it Sunday afternoon for a couple of minutes. It really gets us on track. 

Try it. Let me know how it goes


Clear to close in one week

Here’s what you can expect when joining the Mint Capital team.

(This post includes true facts gleaned from our current loan officer’s success rate)

The first Clear to Close within eight days on the job!

Our process is thorough, yet simple:
Join our team > get full training > apply for license > pass the exam > get license > start loans > clear to close!

The Mint training system is the most extensive, bar none!

We are continuously upgrading and fine-tuning our training to the highest standards. Making it stronger and better with additional applied knowledge.

Everything at the Mint Capital is done with speed and ease.

As the loan-closing lawyers say (when they hear it’s a Mint loan): “put on your seatbelts – we’re gonna move fast”!

Want to join this wonderful team?
DM for more details!

Flow state

The Navy Seals can do it.
… and so can you!

You can attain great levels of achievement and success by getting into “flow state”.

Flow is a psychological state, a type of zone, that a person gets fully immersed in in order to get their best work done.

Flow state includes:
→ Fully concentrated.
→ Clarity of goals and reward.
→ Transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down).
→ Intrinsically rewarding experience.
→ Effortlessness and ease.
→ Balance between challenge and skills.
→ Actions and awareness are merged (losing self-conscious rumination).
→ Feeling control over the task.

Flow begets more flow. “The more flow you have, the more flow you have!”

Think. Which activity can get you into flow mode?

Is it any of these?

* Listening to music.
* Dancing.
* Writing.
* Reading an enchanting novel.
* Counting numbers.
* Close your eyes and imagine a calm image.
* An activity that you totally immerse yourself in.

Pick the pre-flow routine that works for you + Start the routine for 10-15 minutes = Flow state.

You can train your system: Pre-flow routine gets you into flow. Then you can bring on the flow at will, whenever you have an important task to complete.

Try it.
Let me know how it works for you!

Credit to Steven Kotler

Stereotypes for loan officers

What’s the difference which broker I go to?

Maybe a smaller mortgage company is better?

Perhaps a banker is the best choice?

Is a loan officer with 20+ years experience the only option?

These are little details in the much bigger picture.

The MOST important question to consider is:

How do they support their loan officers?

At the Mint Capital we broke this stereotype. The founders of our company have already been loan officers and bankers. They know the need for proper support for loan officers.

They built a company with extraordinary support which takes the word “support” to a whole new level!

The entire culture of the Mint Capital is built around supporting and helping each other in a friendly but competitive environment.

Our whole Leadership team constantly plans and strategizes, “What else can we do to help our loan officers?”

Some of the support system we have in place:

Full-time loan structure support by #Joel Fleischman.

Phone line monitored by 15 senior loan officers who volunteer to answer any questions.

Active Whatsapp and email groups for any scenario questions.

Encourage loan officers to ask questions at the “watercooler”.

Plus much more…

All that support takes our loan officers from novice to professional in the span of two months!

Speak up

How do you respond?

When a boss / manager / supervisor ends a meeting and asks everyone for their input, do you politely nod (thinking they don’t really want your opinion?), or do you voice your opinion (even if it counters what others have said)?

My friend, speak up. You are being asked the question because people WANT to hear what YOU have to say!

Why are we enslaved to the opinions of others?

Take a look at yourself.
You’re a person. You’re your energy. You’re a collection of memories and circumstances.

Be confident with yourself.

How do you show up in this world?
As a convoluted collection of baggage and your negative self?
Or, do you just show your positive energy and positive vibes?

Which one shows up better?

If you continuously make that conscious choice, you can show up to all your interactions with positive energy.

When you show up in a positive way, you will have the courage to speak up.

Speak up! 

You are a member of a company.
You are in a leadership team.

You are there because people WANT to hear what you have to say.

Be yourself.
Speak your opinion.
Not what you think they want to hear!

You are yourself. You are not a collection of other people!

Therefore, say what you really feel like saying!

Business Heroes

Do you consider yourself a hero?

First, let’s define a hero.

One is the likes of Albert Einstein or Elon Musk.

Everyone knows there is no use in trying to be like them. That type of skill is at all not common.  These are people that have a unique genetic advantage, a DNA lottery win of sorts.

Then, there is the *ordinary* hero.

People of average (or above average) intelligence, but with dysfunctional character traits or emotional imbalance and struggles.

These are the people that took the time and discipline to work on themselves and their character traits.

These heroes broke through many barriers to make something of themselves.

The “ordinary” hero is much more heroic in my eyes, than all the “freaks of nature” who were gifted with an abundance of tools to make them who they are.

So, to answer my own question. Do I consider myself a hero?


I can humbly say that looking back where I came from — all the challenges I had to overcome: and to learn how to live and and deal with life — and working on myself to learn to accept myself.

That’s heroic! to me!


Who are YOUR heroes you admire? Tag them in the comments!

Financial Security

What does financial security mean to you?

Owning a home is one way of financial security.

On average, a house doubles in value every seven years. Double in value! Nothing else has this kind of consistent increase.

Buying a home is the most important investment. Even if it means stretching yourself for a bit.

There is no comparison to the confidence and security you feel when owning a home.

Imagine buying a house in your 20s and then it doubles in value in your 30s and triples in your 40s. That’s some value!

Are you considering buying a home, but worry that you can’t afford it yet?
Reach out to our talented loan officer Fishel Freund who will teach you the 3 simple steps to owning your home!

Stereotypes for borrowers

A mortgage broker is a mortgage broker is a mortgage broker.



Not all mortgage brokers are created equal!

For instance, you can apply at any bank and be shlepped around for months. Plus, will need to submit hundred million paperwork (okay, slight exaggeration there), and then shlepped around some more. By the time the closing date is set, you will need new documents since the paperwork is already 60 – 90 days old…

I’m sure any of you who have applied for a mortgage know what it means to chase your own tail while waiting to be approved for a mortgage!

I’m proud to say that at the Mint Capital our specialty is speed and ease. We make it as hassle-free and as fast as possible.

Our motto? All you need to do is sign!

In fact, our entire reward system for our processors is based on speed and how fast they move from one milestone to the next.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out our online reviews and testimonials from clients and lawyers who all say that a Mint loan is way above average!

At the Mint there are no surprises. Get to the closing and know exactly what to expect — (not by being told that you need another $20k at closing! True story.)

So, is a mortgage a mortgage a mortgage? Nope!

Want to hear more?
Got any questions?

What does achievement mean?

There has been an enlightened awareness in the business and corporate world.

It’s should not only be about the money. Employees are humans and need to be treated as such.

At the Mint Capital leadership, our role is to enable our employees to become the best they can become. They should be the best person in business, to their customers; and in their family life.

Our motto is: “Helping people, then homes”.

That’s what it means.

We are here for the person.
For the employee. For the buyer. For the banker.

Anyone who deals with our team gets to see our human side.

It’s not only about closing the file. There’s a person behind every file!

“Do unto others what you want them to do for yourself.”