Flooding lesson

The flood the other week was terrible.

At the time it was very, very difficult.

Basements got flooded. Properties got ruined. Some people were hurt.

But, remember our mantra: This too shall pass!

The very next day the sun was shining. It was an amazing, beautiful, sunny weather!

What a comparison to the weather of the day before?!

Although it might take weeks for the flooded basements to dry up; the storm has passed.

Eventually, the damage will pass too.

In life, there is no other way to look at it.

Even if at the moment it looks like it’s the worst problem you ever had.
Even if you can’t imagine ever forgetting about it.
Even if you think you will remember it forever and ever.

Always remember:
This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

Of course, every pain dulls with time. This is one of the biggest gifts of the creation of God.

The more you stay aware that everything will eventually pass, the easier it will be to remember this in the moment of your pain.

One practical tip would be to make a note in your calendar to remind yourself a month after ‘an incident’ happens to you.
In a month’s time check in with your emotions: “How destroyed am I because of whatever happened last month?”

You will see how little it matters to you a month later.

Whenever you are going through a difficult period, stay mindful and know with 100% certainty that it will pass eventually.

That, my friend, I wish for you. Only happiness and success always!


What do you see in the mirror?

Y O U!

You are a good person!

You, my fellow salesperson, are an awesome individual!

Smile to yourself in the mirror. Every time.

Smile at everyone around you.

One of the keys in sales is to make people feel good about themselves.

Give them a compliment.

Tell them how smart they are.
How good they are.
How awesome they are.

Every person is battling their own inner battles.

Everyone can use a good word and a compliment to brighten their day.

Make people feel good about themselves, especially the people that surround you. Always compliment your family members and friends.

Can you make that the focus of your day today?

Book 7. Day 95: Objections

The first step of the buying commitment objection turnaround framework
is stepping into the shoes of the person – human to human.

Simply relating to them as a person.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

New Year

What a year this has been!

My friend, the Jewish New Year is here.

At this time we reflect
on our blessings.

The abundance.
The growth of the past year.

At this time we hope
For the future.
For health.
For happiness.

At this time I wish you a Ksiva V’chasima Tova and a blessed new year!

Book 7. Day 94: Objections

The number of possible objections is finite and predictable…

Buying commitment objections doesn’t fit into a neat little box. They are situational.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Ask again

The prospect can feel if you are confident.

Or if you are not.

When calling up, or walking up to a prospect, always assume that the answer will be a YES.

Why shouldn’t it be? There is no reason why they should tell you NO. Right?

When you show up with a confident poise, with a confident script, in a confident manner; it shows that you’ve done your work well and you know what you are talking about.

If you ask softly and with a voice/tone full of doubt, then you leave an opening for the prospect to say NO.

When you ask with confidence the prospect feels it. They know that you are the pro!
It just feels right for them to go with the confident salesperson.

Ask assumptively and show your confidence.

Here’s to many, many successful sales ahead!

Book 7. Day 93: Objections

Leveraging this 5 step framework significantly increases your chances of getting
the outcome you desire.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Value ideas over politics

Leave Your Ego At The Door! 
Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager, wrote a fascinating book called “Principles”.
The key element of it is that everyone should evaluate each other.
Whether they’re sitting in meetings or at any other time, people rate their coworkers 1-5 while sharing why they gave them that number.
Everyone feels comfortable sharing, simply because it has nothing to do with the person. It’s about their ideas.
There’s no emotional attachment.
In the book “Start-up Nation” it’s taken a stage further.
The Israeli army is so advanced in its technology expansion. That’s because after an operation – they do a debriefing. 
Not only can Israeli soldiers criticize their peers, but even their superiors.
The lowest rank could critique and challenge the highest rank. 
The question should never be, “Who said it?” but only, “Will it help us succeed?”
Create cultures that encourage input and sharing.
Let’s benefit from the experience and wisdom of ALL people. 
“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t mind who takes the credit for it.” -Winston Churchill
Have you had experiences working at a company that encourages idea sharing?

Gratitude Journal #2

Do you realize how much good we have in our lives?

Yes, life is hard.

Yes, we are dealing with a lot of crap in this world.

But, no matter how hard it is, we have SO much to be grateful for.

There is so much good in the world.
There is so much beauty in the world.

As I previously mentioned, keeping a gratitude journal helps us see the daily miracles happening around us.

Let’s start!

I’m alive.
I’m breathing!
I don’t need an oxygen tank.
I have two eyes that both see.
I can see color with my eyes. I am not color blind.
I have two ears.
I don’t need hearing aids.
I have a nose that can smell.
My face looks good.
My back doesn’t hurt me.
I have five fingers on each hand.
When I move my fingers they don’t hurt me.
I have ten toes on my feet.
My ankles and knees don’t hurt.
I can walk on my own. I don’t need a wheelchair or cane.
My lungs are working.
My heart is pumping.
I can eat many different kinds of food.
I don’t need daily medication.
I don’t have any chronic illness or pain. 

These are just some of the things you can be grateful for about your body and your health.
Now take this list and focus in on your spouse/child/family members, too.

There is so much we can be grateful about. 

Are you ready to start your gratitude log?

I challenge you to write 50 right now!!!

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Book 7. Day 92: Objections

Almost all salespeople are familiar with the sales process, are aware that
the sales process is important.

Skipping steps in the sales process is an epidemic…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!