Gratitude Journal #7

Did you start your gratitude log yet?

(In my mini-series of gratitude, I explain how keeping a log of “100 Daily Thank You’s” can help you turn your life around.)

Did you see the good already?

Look around.

See the trees.

The beautiful trees that are changing colors in fall.

There are so many different trees.

Why did God create so many different colors and so many different kinds of trees, plants, and flowers?

It could have all been one color and one type.

God created it for us to enjoy His world. 

It gives our life so much variety.

Now, let’s move on to the food growing on the trees and earth.

How many different fruits and vegetables grow?

Such a variety of tastes, colors, textures, and shapes.

It could have all been one type of fruit or vegetable.

We have so much variety for a vegetable salad. And a fruit salad.

Biting into a crispy apple is not the same as cutting up a grapefruit. 

So many textures. With peels. Without peels.

It gives us pure joy!

There is so much to be grateful for.

What are you waiting for?


What happens when the Situation Room gets flooded?

There is a “war room” in the White House, called the Situation Room. This is the room where all the important people strategize whichever ‘situation’ there is going on at any given time.

Imagine if that room gets flooded.

There would be no meetings. No strategy. Only disruption.

Psychologists explain that the same happens in our heads.

We have a “situation room” in our head where all the ‘important CEO’ functions and thought processes happen.

We have many different functions, emotions, and thoughts going on at once.

The logical thoughts. The skeptical thoughts. The fearful thoughts.

All of them chiming in with their two cents about what they think we should do.

When all is nice and good, and the weather in our situation room (brain) is nice and dry, and the air is well circulated, then everything works fine.

But when there is a flood in our situation room…
There is no meeting. All our executives are knocked out. Flooded.

When we get hit by emotions, we are in fact being hit with real chemicals caused by the emotions.

Every rejection, fear, or guilt, is in reality being strongly hit with a large dose of chemicals that completely flood the executive function ‘situation room’ of our brains.

Thereby rendering us completely immobile and not possible to strategize further.

That’s why we need good ‘drainage systems. We need to be prepared on how to handle rejections.

When we get hurt or rejected, we need to pause for a few seconds to give our brains enough time for the drainage system to kick in.

Get back into the right mindset. Take back control.

And then tackle the situation!

Gratitude Journal #6

You are a part of this beautiful world.

Look around the world and see the beauty in it. 

By noticing the beauty and amazingness of nature; we develop a love for ourselves, which is also a part of it.

You are a part of this beautiful world.

Look around and see:

The Universe.
The Galaxies.
The Planetary systems.

It’s all so amazing!

Planet Earth is the exact distance from the sun. A drop away and we would freeze to death. A drop closer and we would burn to death.

We are in the exact spot we need to be.

You are in the exact place you need to be right now.

Accepting this is key to living a calm and serene life.

That moment is Here and Now.

As my friend Michael says it: “It’s Always Now!”

Close your eyes – right now – and think of a few things, of how much good you have in your life?

Do The Best With What You’ve Got

“Do the best you can with what you’ve got right in front of you!” 

— Darren Hardy, as quoted from Jim Rohn.

As I always keep on telling you, my friend.

“Be here now.”

“Don’t be so busy with the past and the future, just focus on the today.”

It’s all the same message.

You wake up in the working and say to yourself:
I’m going to do this!
I’m going to work on this!
I’m going to complete that!

There is always more than we can strive for.

In striving for more, we inevitably see things that we don’t have yet,
or systems that don’t work yet,
or departments that don’t fully work the way we would like.

It’s easy to get pulled downward and give up on it.

We give ourselves “permission” not to focus on it and be down about it because we think that it might not even work out.

Remember, “do the best you can with what you’ve got!”

“God, give me the serenity to accept the things ‘I cannot change’, the courage to ‘change the things I can’, and the wisdom to know the difference!” — Serenity prayer

You cannot change a lot of things in life.

But you CAN change a lot of things in life.

You need the wisdom to know the difference, the courage to change the things you can, and the serenity not to focus on the things you cannot change.

Think about your goals.
Think about what you can change.
Think about what you cannot change.

And focus on the things you CAN change in order to reach your goals!

You can still make 2021 be THE year for you.

Let’s go!


Fall is here. 

It’s time to start spinning.

The weather is turning crispier.

The leaves on the trees are changing colors and will start falling down. 

What are we going to accomplish this season? 

What are your juicy goals?

What is your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) that you will reach?

It takes a good few months to come full circle.

First — set your goals.
Second — believe that you can reach your goals.
Next — do something daily towards your goal!

What are you going to do TODAY towards your goal?

#LouLandau – follow for more motivation in your feed.

Know your numbers

Can you be like an athlete?

An athlete knows their numbers like their life depends on it.

(Which it actually does.)

“YES has a number, but that number is not static. You can change it.” — Jeb Blount

You can only change your numbers if you know what your YES number is.

For example, for an experienced life insurance agent, it might be 10 – 3 – 1.
Ten calls. Three appointments. One sale.

In the mortgage industry, we say it’s 25 to 1.
25 calls. One sale.

If you are a beginner, it might be 50 to 1.

As you get better and better at it.

You might reach 10 to 1!

Figure out your YES number.

Start somewhere so you can track your numbers.

How many calls?
How many appointments?
How many meetings?
How many applications?
How many sales?

Yes, it’s hard to track. It needs courage and persistence.

You can do it!

If all athletes do it, there must be something to it…

Get cracking. Start tracking.

Sales is governed by numbers

Do you know your phone number?

(I hope so.)

Now, here is a different question: As a salesperson, do you know your numbers?

Do you know your ratio of sales calls needed in order to get one sale?

Tracking your numbers is important.

How many did I start with?
How many to move to the next step?
How many to the next?
And to the next?

While coaching a salesperson recently, he told me that he was doing a lot of initial phone calls and follow-up calls.

But his pipeline didn’t show it. 

Because we knew his numbers we were able to identify the step where things got stuck and honed in on that area to increase sales.

There are different steps to each sales cycle. As a salesperson, you need to know these steps and track your numbers.

Find the gap and fill it with opportunities!

The cardinal rule of sales conversation

Hold onto that momentum – your life depends on it…

In the business field, it literally does.

At the conclusion of your business meeting, you must wrap things up with an action plan. 

“Hope is not a strategy” – Dan Kennedy

That’s why it’s so important to have a clear agreement to:

The exact steps being taken.

The exact time you’ll be following up.

Just because you’re scared to pressurize your prospect, it will be a lot scarier to face your manager without the sale.

You need to know that you’re history to your stakeholder, as soon as your meeting’s over.

Your prospect isn’t going to call you. You need to call them.

Important steps to take to keep the sale alive are: 

The date has to be marked in your and your stakeholder’s calendar

At the midpoint, there should be a reminder about the upcoming follow-up meeting.

Any questions stakeholder has should be addressed.

As Darren Hardy calls it, “It’s the big mo.” 

Don’t lose it. Hold onto it with all your might.

Any more tips on how to hold onto that big momentum that you want to share?

It’s impossible to speak to 20 people without getting a yes

How to make $100 without closing the sale.

You know you need to reach your quota for sales. 

You’ve been taught there’s the 25 to 1 ratio for sales but feel dubious about it

There’s a tremendous fear of rejection each time you make your pitch.

Scott Hudspeth (Mortgage Marketing Animals) has a fantastic mindset for the fear of phone calls.

He says even though he makes 100 phone calls a day, he doesn’t reach them all, only 25 to 50.
He’ll engage in a meaningful conversation and then the magic formula happens. One out of twenty calls will always result in a sale.

“It’s impossible to talk to 20 people without getting a yes.” Scott Hudspeth

It’s a matter of changing your thought process.

If you do the math you’ll see that every phone call is worth $100….EVEN if it’s a NO!!!

(Typically a loan is worth $2,000. Between the 20 phone calls, you’re making $100 a call.)

This is a great attitude for all business strategies.

“It’s impossible to talk to 20 people without getting a yes”

Have you come across any business sayings that really pack a punch?

Disrupt their expectation

“How do you read minds?”

Someone asked this question from Derren Brown, a famous mentalist that is known to read brains really well.

His answer?

“I don’t read the mind. I feed the mind!”

How powerful!

As we know, the human mind is lazy. It will most likely choose the choice that has the least resistance and is not too heavy on the brain.

For example, if we show a person the color ‘red’ and ask them to name a fruit, they will most likely choose an apple.

That’s the way we need to talk to prospects. When we flash in a certain direction, we give them a clear reference point they should think about.

This increases the chance of their brain-picking the choice you chose out for them.

Don’t be a mind reader. Be a mind feeder.

Thank you, @Jeb Blount, for the constant inspiration.