100 day rejection challenge

A powerful tip how to handle rejection


Start the “100 day rejection challenge” to desensitize yourself to rejection to internalize that when you get a “NO” it doesn’t hurt you.

The 100 day rejection challenge works by seeking out rejection for 100 days, like asking random strangers to borrow money or requesting a plate refill at a restaurant. Asking questions that usually elicit a ‘no’ will help the person desensitize to the pain and shame often associated with rejection. 

Try it out. Here are some suggestions:


Ask to test drive a dream luxury car.


Ask to fly a plane.


Ask the tax authority to lower your taxes.


Ask your utility/mortgage/credit card company to forgo payment for a year.

Disclaimer: You may get a “yes” for an answer (you never know!).

There is a similar exercise i heard at a seminar, where he encouraged people to go out and get rejected by asking for crazy favors like borrowing $25,000 or sending them 6 kids to babysit for the week.

Truthfully, who decides which kind of questions are normal? Who is ‘normal’ in the first place? Why do we measure the ‘normalness’ of others according to our own metrics?

If you will only do what is considered normal (according to others) then you will never lead a happy life. Be true to yourself and don’t fear rejection!

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