25 Year Framework + Dreams vs Goals

Dan was bankrupt and divorced at 35 years old. He realized he needed to turn his life around.

He sat down to think how he could maximize his full potential for the following 25 years.

Fast forward to today, Dan Sullivan is an accomplished business coach and author.

In “The 25 Year Framework” Dan breaks down 25 years into 100 quarters; where every quarter makes up 1% of the overall 25 year goal.

We need to approach our quarterly goals by viewing it as a piece that is part of the bigger picture of our 25-year plan. 

If you find yourself procrastinating and not reaching your goal this quarter; remember, it’s only one quarter. Get back on the bandwagon. Hop back in.

On the other hand, you should also be increasing your human capital. Your competencies, your skills, your talents are ALSO increasing every quarter!

It’s 2021. Take a look at yourself. God willing, how do you want to look in 25 years’ time?

We all want to be productive and energized at that age.

No matter your age, today is the beginning of the rest of your life. It only gets better and better, because you will keep on working on yourself. Always ask yourself: “Am I a better and more skilled person than I was a year ago?”.

Our goal is the answer should be YES!

You have a hundred quarters to work on that answer. The day to start dreaming about your goal is now.

I learned from Mel Robbins that dreams are easy, while goals are hard. When we dream about our goals, we should also envision the tough parts it will take to get there.

So, it shouldn’t only be “Wow, I’ll make a $1M and have a fancy car!”. Our dreams should also include the actual work, the hard part.
You’re up early. You get out in the rain and snow. You do your phone calls and keep on persisting. No matter the mood, the weather, or the market.

This is the difference between dreams and goals.

Our DREAMS are the overall picture we want to look like in 25 years.
Our GOALS are planning the quarterly 1% action which makes us reach our dreams!

1 quarter = 13 weeks = 52 business days.
25 years = 100 quarters = 5200 business days!

What will you do TODAY to start your 25-year goal?!