25 years

What will you accomplish from now until Spring?

We are at the beginning of the first quarter of the new year. Spring will be upon us in roughly two months.

What are your goals for these few weeks? 

What will you work on?

Dan Sullivan suggests a great idea in the book “The 25 Year Framework”.

It is basically a plan to succeed within 25 years.

#Age does not matter. 

Whether you are in your 20’s, 40’s or 60’s. 

When planning ahead for 25 years, we suddenly change our habits.
Eating healthier.
Exercising more. 
Working harder. 

In terms of quarter years, 25 years is a total of One Hundred Quarters.

Think about that!

Each quarter totals just “one percent” of the 25 years.

What an amazing mindset!

A mindshift. 

How much can you accomplish in that one quarter, that one percent of your total 25 years of business growth?

Roughly two months left in this quarter.

What is that “one percent” that you will achieve this quarter?

Lots of luck reaching your goals!