3 types of conversations



Meaningful conversations.

Ever heard of these 3 types of conversations?

Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall taught this to me.

Yada-yada is small talk – politics, sports, current events, etc.

“He said this, she said that – did you hear about it? The mayor and the councilman, and the governor…”

The heated yada-yada conversations.

The second level is data.

These are the bookkeepers of the world.

“…And it costs 34 cents, you heard that? In the other store they’re much more expensive I mean, that store is 49 cents, it’s crazy!”

Sadly, couples who don’t work to get to meaningful conversations, fall into data conversations.

“When did the baby wake up? When did he eat last? Budget? When did you pay xyz? You have to pay…”

Their whole relationship is based on data.

And then there’s my favorite one.

Don’t talk to me yada-yada please.

Please don’t bore me with data.

Talk to me meaningful conversations.

Meaningful conversation is life!

Personal development
How we can Change Ourselves…
How we can Change The World…

Recognizing the differences in conversations – will help you move up a level!