A healthy working environment

A healthy working environment is, knowing that there’s no judgment, we’re all here for the cause.

And therefore, everything we do at TMC is measured by that, and we always make sure that the same thing goes to the loan officers.

No politics!

No negativity!

If we find somebody being too serious, too #pressured, and too negative.

We address it right away “Hey, relax my friend what’s going on, it’s going to pass”

Recently, our entire executive team was sitting at an important meeting, planning, and strategizing the future.

And it was getting too serious.

And Joel Lieberman stopped us “Hey guys! remember, take it easy – we’ll get there, we know what we’re doing, we’re good guys we’ll get there, take it easy”

That is at the foundation and at the core of our culture and philosophy.

Wherever you are and whichever company you are at I sincerely hope that stress is not part of your daily work and life.

Still, look at us, we had a record-breaking June month, despite the pandemic, record-breaking loan officers beat their own record!

And that doesn’t even come close to what’s coming for the second half of 2020!!! Be”H

That’s how we do it.

Stay positive my friend!