A great list of lousy questions

Are you looking for a magic bullet?

My friend, there is no magic trick to success!

The switch to change is found within you.

Stop focusing on the missing tiles.

Start focusing on your discipline. 

Teeny tiny daily self discipline will grow and evolve to help you reach your goals. 

Those tiny things will crack the code.

As they say, “As you pray, move your feet!”

No one will do the work for you.

Not a self-help book.
Not a guru.
Not a magic bullet.

You have to do your own full hishtadlus (effort) in order for the blessing to have a place to hold onto.

There’s no getting out of doing actual work. 

Keep on improving 1% at a time.
One day at a time.
One week at a time.
One quarter at a time.

Looking back, it will all seem like magic.

Little actions that will evolve into something greater.