A Pumpa for the Jumpa…

Good morning!

Wake up…
Rise and shine!
The weather is beautiful this season.

My fellow loan officer, I think about sales most of the time.

I always come back to the one idea. What is that one thing you need to succeed in sales?

The answer is: What’s your goal?
Back into it and do it consistently! 

There is no question! All you need to succeed is:



Continue doing what you got to do.


Keep doing it, on a daily basis. Consistently! 

That will be your ticket to freedom. That is the recipe for success.

I recently heard a good ‘vort’ from someone: “It’s not about the Daf, it’s about the Yomi”. (Loosely translated as: It’s not about what you learn, but about continuing to do it daily!)

My friend, summer is a great time to get work done.

You’re doing great. Keep at it!

Never give up. Just continue doing what you got to do!

You are in this business presumably because you like it.
You like to work with people.
You like to help people.
You like to enrich their lives.

You need to approach every sale as if the prospect has a flat tire and you’re offering them a new tire!

What are you doing towards your goal
The day after?
Every single day?

The Yomi. The Daily tasks.

Good luck and make it happen!