Albert Einstein Quote

Too many people are deeply disappointed with themselves.

Why can’t I approach people freely?
Why is it sooo hard to make those calls when it’s much easier for others?
Why can’t I take the conversation where I want it to go?
Why is the small talk such a pain in the neck?
Why does it take me such hard work to close deals?
Why can’t I be like THAT?
Why am I not like thousands of other people?

These people are literally in pain!

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” ~Albert Einstein

Embrace who you are; don’t fight it!

Invest all your energies in becoming the best “fish” you are, instead of wasting your energies in trying to become the “monkey,” you will never be.

So, to my dear introvert friend who is struggling to reach out…

Stop tormenting yourself!

Accept who you are.

It will lead you to be the best of who you could be.

There are successful people of all types.

Why compare yourself to others?

Just do YOU!!

Nobody started by making 500 phone calls…

It’s tough work for everybody, and it might be harder for you.

Accept it, and with that, make that next one call!

Ask yourself, what action can I take today as a “fish”?

Keep swimming!