Arriving at your work early

Are you the winner type, the smiling type?

Remember the Note From The Universe.. “Never look at the mirror without smiling!” -tut

Smile to yourself. 

You got this! You’re a good guy! 

Smart enough. People like you.

(Say this to yourself a million times a day as you go out and tackle the #sales funnel and toil in your work.)

The trick of winning? Get into the office early.

>>> AND tackle the high-priority items first!  <<<<

Early morning is NOT a time for skimming the news, answering emails, or catching up with friends. 

Wake up early. With excitement and passion!

Ambition by passion, not with anxiety.

With an inner fire burning (in a good way).

Love what you do.

Nobody is forcing you to do this. You are doing it because you WANT to! 

Start your day early. Dive into productive tasks.

Remember, salespeople that waste time on news and emails may be BUSY, but they certainly are not PRODUCTIVE.

Get ahead of your (lazy) competitors by being proactive. By starting your day early. 

You will see the proof in the pudding – in your bank account!

When in doubt, if you’re doing the right thing or not, take a look at that bank account!

Make it a great, productive day ahead!