Attitude is contagious

Are you stuck on negative thoughts?



Where is the problem?

There? (caused by other people).


Here? (in your mind).

Some would say, “There! It’s that person. Or bad weather.”

But, I would say, “Yeah, but look at yourself! How is that person’s behavior affecting you?”

Close your eyes, don’t see the behavior.

Or, you’re in a different city, and can’t see them.

How does what they think about you, affect you?

Where is the problem? There or here?

Remember, when there’s one finger pointing over there, there’s always 3 fingers pointing back at you!

Attitude is contagious.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

Start every morning with enthusiasm and excitement.

Salesing is not accounting!

We can’t just show up and do our jobs regardless of how miserable we are.

If we, as #salesmen, cannot be #positive, the entire company feels it! The accounting department can’t bring in the #sales.


Smile and everyone will smile back.

The same goes the other way.

Don’t hang around negative people.

Even if that negative person is more successful than you.

Watch what you learn from others!

We think we can eat the fruit (the positive) and throw away the peels (the negative).

We need to be mature enough to know what is the fruit and what is the peel!