Author: Lou Landau

Three top questions for a frantic family

My friend recently sent me a wonderful gift. It was the book “The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family” by #Patrick Lencioni. The premise of the book is a fable of a management consultant that mentioned to his wife (who was running a frantic household with everything all over the place), “if our CEO […]

Clear to close in one week

Here’s what you can expect when joining the Mint Capital team. (This post includes true facts gleaned from our current loan officer’s success rate) The first Clear to Close within eight days on the job! Our process is thorough, yet simple:Join our team > get full training > apply for license > pass the exam […]

Flow state

The Navy Seals can do it.… and so can you! You can attain great levels of achievement and success by getting into “flow state”. Flow is a psychological state, a type of zone, that a person gets fully immersed in in order to get their best work done. Flow state includes:→ Fully concentrated.→ Clarity of […]

Stereotypes for loan officers

What’s the difference which broker I go to? Maybe a smaller mortgage company is better? Perhaps a banker is the best choice? Is a loan officer with 20+ years experience the only option? These are little details in the much bigger picture. The MOST important question to consider is: How do they support their loan […]

Speak up

How do you respond? When a boss / manager / supervisor ends a meeting and asks everyone for their input, do you politely nod (thinking they don’t really want your opinion?), or do you voice your opinion (even if it counters what others have said)? My friend, speak up. You are being asked the question […]

Business Heroes

Do you consider yourself a hero? First, let’s define a hero. One is the likes of Albert Einstein or Elon Musk. Everyone knows there is no use in trying to be like them. That type of skill is at all not common.  These are people that have a unique genetic advantage, a DNA lottery win […]

Financial Security

What does financial security mean to you? Owning a home is one way of financial security. On average, a house doubles in value every seven years. Double in value! Nothing else has this kind of consistent increase. Buying a home is the most important investment. Even if it means stretching yourself for a bit. There […]

Stereotypes for borrowers

A mortgage broker is a mortgage broker is a mortgage broker. Right? Wrong! Not all mortgage brokers are created equal! For instance, you can apply at any bank and be shlepped around for months. Plus, will need to submit hundred million paperwork (okay, slight exaggeration there), and then shlepped around some more. By the time […]

What does achievement mean?

There has been an enlightened awareness in the business and corporate world. It’s should not only be about the money. Employees are humans and need to be treated as such. At the Mint Capital leadership, our role is to enable our employees to become the best they can become. They should be the best person […]

Book 7. Day 37: Objections

Sales Is an Unnatural Profession It is the most difficult professions on the planet, because to be successful you must seek out rejection. Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount Link in the comments section Have a great day!