Author: Lou Landau

Book 8. Day 11: Go For No!

It’s the difference between massive success and mediocre performance! It’s your future, one way or the other! Where Our Paths Parted part 2 Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Go for No!” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz Link in the comments section Have a great day!

Book 8. Day 16: Go For No!

The comfort zone is never static. It’s always in a state of expansion or retraction. This Is Your Captain Speaking! Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Go for No!” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz Link in the comments section Have a great day!

The confirmation step

You’re doing this anyway. Right? You’re working.You’re hustling.You’re salesing. You might as well do it with a smile! We have good days. We have bad days.We have warm days. We have rainy days.We have calm days. We have days full of traffic. And days full of frustration. Throughout it all, smile to yourself (in the […]

Stop Making Excuses for Why You Can’t

There is a popular quote:“Show me someone who never failed, and I’ll show you someone who never tried!” I like to spin that around by saying:“Show me someone who never got rejected, and I’ll show you someone who never asked!” There is no way to ask without rejections.There is no way of failing without asking.There […]

Mint Capital Chanukah Events

Happy vibes and happy times! Take a look at our amazing loan officers, enjoying the Mint Chanukah party. We celebrated every day at one of our different locations. What nachas to enjoy with our fellow loan officers! Every loan officer received gifts for the entire family. Different locations. Different loan officers. Same happy and friendly […]

Who is in control

How do you control yourself, anyway? Who is in control? Should we let the rain or the cold (or your colleague or your customer) control your life? We don’t want to find ourselves at the end of the year saying, “Oh, I didn’t reach my goals this year because it was raining on one Tuesday […]

December 1st

Good morning! December 1st. A brand new month. The last month of the year. Just four more weeks until the new year starts! What are you doing today?How are you wrapping up this year?How are you making 2021 be a successful year for you? Start your plans for next year. Set your goals for next […]

Know your objective

What’s your objective? Before you make any calls or enter any meeting, you need to answer these two questions: What’s my objective?What’s my targeted next step? Because, without having an exact idea of what you want to accomplish and what your next steps should be, you will most likely walk out of the conversation WITHOUT […]

What you want to know

It’s kind of awkward. You might sometimes feel like you’re in a lower position than the prospect. You might think, “Who am I to ask these questions?”. You feel awkward asking. Especially hard questions.  But, my friend, the ONLY way through is to ASK these questions.  You need to ask.The prospect needs to respond.You let […]