Author: Lou Landau

Leverage pre-call planning

Again. And again. And again. Keep on doing it. Every day. No matter the weather. No matter the mood. We work on ourselves not to let the weather affect us negatively.We work on ourselves to let everything affect us positively.  Smile to yourself.Motivate yourself.Speak positively to yourself. “Never look in the mirror without smiling.” — […]

Winging it

Are you winging it? Winging it is just a highly egoic move that doesn’t work. Trust me. For many years I was ‘just winging it and doing things without any structure. It didn’t work. As Jeb Blount says, “Winging it is stupid!” I have to agree with him. When a person thinks so highly of […]

New LO Zindy Fisch

With great pride, we’re welcoming the latest addition to The Mint family. Zindy Fisch Our newest licensed loan officer. Today is an exciting day at The Mint Capital Inc. Wishing him a wonderful new beginning with continuous success in all his endeavors. We’re looking forward to having him part of The Mint family!

Fanatical prospecting – 2

“Tomorrow,” you say to yourself. A good deed brings another good deed. A bad deed brings another bad deed. It starts simply. Jim Rohn says: “Nobody sets out to say, ‘Today I’m not going to do anything in my life”. No! It’s the ‘little’ decision in the morning that:“Just today I’m not going to do […]

Commission breath

Are you desperate? When a salesperson reaches an empty pipeline, they become desperate to close the deal. Desperation can be sensed from far away. The more you want to close the deal (out of desperation) the less likely it is to happen. I once heard a great term from Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. They […]

Bending win probability in your favor

Probability is not possibility.  There is a big difference between the two. Probability = it most likely will happen.Possibility = there is a chance that it will happen. Saying “it’s possible” is a risk. It could or it couldn’t happen. Saying “it’s probable” is the right way. It probably will happen. BIG difference. You don’t […]

Fanatical Prospecting

Always have bread in your basket. Why? Because you shouldn’t be crazy hungry (and then make crazy deals). There is plenty of “fish” out there. But if you have too little in your pipeline, and you then need to fight for every sale, you settle for bad customers and bad deals, and it’s no good… […]

Gratitude #8

Take a cup of water. Let’s think for a second. How did all this get to you? First we thank God that our body systems thrive on water. Water is most easily available. We drink water and get sustained from it. How did you drink it? In a plastic cup? A paper cup? A glass […]


Do you want to be in control of the conversation? Listen. Listen. Listen. When you listen, you pull people towards you. When you talk, you push people away from you. When a prospect voices any objections, don’t jump at the mouth and start talking. Start by asking clarifying questions, even if you are 99.99% sure […]

Different kingdoms

You are the king of your kingdom! I recently mentioned this great quote: “In Fall, the trees are showing their true colors that they were hiding all year”. We all have certain “colors” we are hiding. So why do we say true colors? Isn’t green the “true” color of the trees? No.  Because it’s different […]