Author: Lou Landau

E47: A Sweet & Happy New Year – Few Words

(In Yiddish Language). E47 – I was inspired to give this Shmies about the holy Yomim Tovim and some other important topics, Please understand first, don’t take this as I am lecturing you something, this is not the case here, I am talking to myself, my own feeling, and I am sharing it with the […]

E43: Open Books – Open Door Policy

I(In Yiddish Language). E43 – In today’s address we discuss the “open books and open door policy”, 2 different points but similar in concept, imagine how a simple employee will perform if he would know exactly how his actions impact the bottom line? Original post date: 7/14/2011

E40: Rock The Boat

(In Yiddish Language). E40 – Employers, Employees, Partners, things not going as planned? Been going like this for week, months, eyars. Time to “Rock the Boat”? Original post date: 5/9/2011