Be fast (Purim theme)

Do you know the secret of how to attain happiness?

Purim, the time of simcha (joy) is approaching.

Happiness is not just about being happy with material things like money, a new car, or a house.

The secret to happiness lies within you.

Be happy with your lot.

“Who is rich? One who is happy with his lot. ” –Ethics of the Fathers 4.1


Accept who you are.


Accept where you are.


Accept what you are.


Accept what you do.


Accept what you have. 


Accept where you come from, where you have been.

Accept everything about you, including your past, your childhood and your mistakes! 

Let go of the guilt and shame of the past.

Guilt only causes suffering for you and others around you.

Looking back, you will realize that your past was bashert (predestined) for you.

The more you let go of the guilt, the less your past will bother you.

Bring on the simcha!