Be humble

I recently heard Darren Hardy say a brilling insight on his Darren Daily show.

In a 3 part series “How to be a Better Man”, Darren explains the most important traits that leaders and strong men need in the office/workplace for the next century.







(Not humiliation, but humility!)

In a similar vein, I am reading this book “Good to Great” by James C. Collins (it’s a great read, by the way). 

I read that there are 5 levels of leadership.

The fifth level is “being strong willed, yet humble”.

Be humble.

Because anyone that becomes ego-centric just loses it!

They lose the touch of caring for other people and caring for the organization.

They start seeing only themselves.

I like to call it ‘the drug of public feedback’! 

We see so many celebrities and public figures that get addicted and derailed from the “drug of public feedback”. It’s extremely unfortunate.

Let’s be humble, my friend!