Beating the referee

A constant pleasure brings no pleasure. 

If not for poverty we would not appreciate richness. 
If not for sickness we would not appreciate health.
If not for darkness we would not appreciate light.

If the good in life goes on and on, with no friction or little bump along the path, we do not stop to acknowledge the good. 

It’s only when we bump against something that we realize all the good that we had.

We are always bound to hit some type of resistance in life.

There’s always something that we clash into.

Because if we don’t clash and life is just straightforward, we wouldn’t recognize the good in our life.

Life that is straightforward and too easy is also boring.

That’s why there is the life cycle.
Day and night.
Four seasons.
Different types of people. 

No matter what we’re trying to accomplish, there will always be a barrier of some kind to overcome that is not in our control. 

If we would all have an easy life, we wouldn’t push ourselves.

If it’s so easy, that every prospect just says “yes”, I will never fear that I won’t make that sale. 

If it is too easy, there is no extra effort to succeed.

It’s only because life doesn’t go so smooth that we give it our best effort. 

That is why we succeed!