Believe or leave

Nobody is forcing you to stay at your dead-end job.

What are your unique abilities? That’s the type of job you should aim for.

The same applies when hiring. It’s best to expect work according to the employee’s unique abilities.

“The secret to have people do what you asked them to do is find out what they want to do and ask them to do it!” — Dale Carnegie


That’s when they will GLADLY do their job.

As Barbara Sher has taught me, don’t wait for motivation. You need to learn to do it anyway.

Barbara asks, “Have you raised children? Are you ‘in a good mood’ at every waking hour of caring for them?”

Yet, you still do it anyway. They are your children and you care for them.

People often ask me, “How do you have such positive energy? How are you in such a good mood?”

Guess what?

I’m not always in the mood.

But, I’ve built my morning routine (pushups, mediation, podcast recording), working on myself to push myself past the mood.

(A tip that works to get me into the swing with my daily podcast? A booming loud “Goooood Moooorning!”)

We learn to do things anyway, even when we’re not in the greatest mood.

Then, it becomes second nature!

When your skill set becomes your talent, you can literally do it in your sleep!

Tribute to Barbara: RIP, her books gave great contribution to the world.