Book 4. Day 103: New Sales Simplified

So I’m not a fan of call scripts

Should you use a script? No and yes.

When I hear script…

I think theater and memorization.

Long, canned, manipulative, and obviously something they
didn’t write themselves.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

How can we judge what’s working and what’s not?

If we change the flow or make up new lines with every call?

That’s why some lines are given off verbatim.

Consistency matters.

But the overall structure should be consistent.

Especially, that we worked together from the last chapter to craft a sales story!

It is imperative that we nail certain phrases then on!

Others, just want to wing it…

“I’m so dynamic!”

“I’m so great! I’ll just do it in my sleep, I’ll just wing it!”

Then swing themselves out of their window…

So, my friend…

Be smart!

Create a structure!

Have certain lines verbatim.

And repeat, repeat, repeat!

If it stops working?

Then you know what to change!

Test it a little then change.

But there should be a couple of lines that you need to repeat!

Be it in the structure of the call…