Book 4. Day 104: New Sales Simplified

So what’s the goal of your call?

Why are we calling?

Sounds rudimentary…

But a lot of salespeople pick up the phone without clarity on their objective.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

It’s imperative to remain laser focused on the objective.


Prospects will likely put up defenses that we must circumvent.

If we’re unsure of where we’d like to end up?

There’s a good chance we’ll get lost along the way.

And you don’t want to get lost along the way.

Same thing they say about public speaking

Rehearse, practice down to the tea!

And with that small wind of the first 30 seconds.

You’re in the zone!

You’re in the flow!

You allow the momentum to propel you and keep you going.

For Inside reps, they are looking to set the stage for the “sales call. A full sales conversation.

For the outside rep, there’s simply one true objective: Get the
face-to-face meeting with your target account.