Book 4. Day 110: New Sales Simplified

Three Magic Words!

These words and messages are chosen carefully.

Word choices that are analyzed and used in proactive telephone calls…

Strongly advised by Mike Weinberg, as he himself used it over and over again.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

The three words are visit, fit, and value:

1.) Visit vs Appointment

  • Appointment sounds clinical while visit is a positive word. Similar to “visit”to with friends and family.

2.) “Fit”

  • non-threatening and it also disarms the prospect, this shows you are not desperate.

Ex: “Let’s get together to see if we might be a fit to help you…”

3.) “Value”

  • The yardstick by which we are all measured today!

Ex: “We’ll review your current situation and see if we can bring some value to to what you’re doing…

Usually this happens after prospect has predictably said: “NO”
the 1st and 2nd request.

Combine all magic words in trifecta and incorporate them in:

-sales conversations
-request for meetings

“Judy, I understand that you’re [objection here]…. Visit with me anyway. I promise you’ll get value and ideas from our time together, even if we end up not being a fit to help you.”