Book 4. Day 111: New Sales Simplified

Stop the whining!

Not just in sales, but in anything in life!

Most in Sales complain about voice mail.

We know it takes at least 7 attempts!

This is a fact of life…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

What the survey says?

Salespeople end up in voice mail almost threequarters of the time.

Huge numbers!

Here’s 6 thoughts how to win it:

  1. Adopt a positive perspective.
  • start seeing the opportunities. Give it a positive touch!
  1. Expect and prepare for it. 
  • Worst thing you could do is be a victim. Else, you end up being a master of babbling! Panicked and trying to hit the pound key to kill the evidence.
  1. Use a snippet of your story
  • Leave a tiny piece of your story. Pick one or two client issues.
    Practice, practice, practice. Get them intrigued!
  1. Take the long view; see it as a campaign. 
  • The reality is that almost nobody calls back from voicemails. Make it short and create a campaign about it. One in a series!

Only one of 4 calls connects!

Does not make voicemails any lesser…take advantage of it!