Book 4. Day 112: New Sales Simplified

“You want me to stop calling? Then buy from me – Warren Greshes”

It’s the name of the game…

Shocking but not suprising. Why?

Many salespeople, don’t do 7th to 8th attempts.

Makes the customer tells you: “I must not be high priority eh?”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Your Friend the Phone”.

We continue with six thoughts on how you can win with voice mail:

5.) Ask for a call back; state that you will call again.

-Leave a number clearly to give prospect the time to write it down.

-Let them know you’ll callback.

-The message should be serious that you are trying to reach them.

-Don’t be a “one and done” salesperson.

-Take note they almost don’t respond with first attempts

So what’s the point if they don’t actually respond?

Sometimes what a salesperson loses in quantity, they gain in quality.

Take it from this quote “I’ll keep calling until you take out a restraining order”

Again, that’s the name of the sales game!