Book 4. Day 119: New Sales Simplified

Personal development is not all about information!

It’s about the discipline to do it!

In sales, we don’t do sales calls!

We conduct them the right way.

Well-structured calls help us position how to win.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Structuring Winning Sales Calls”.

Salespeople be like Pilots…

Critical pre-flight inspections must be checked before they taxi away.

  • Weather
  • Flight plan
  • Checklist on the ground
  • Start the engine
  • Scan the instruments

Most people don’t do it, serve this as an opportunity differenitate yourself.

Take it from Darren Hardy: ” If you find someone you go well with? Go deep with the person!”

Even reading the same book, Go Deep!


1.) There is growth, as you go deeper with it – you have a better understanding
2.) Associating it with your life and experiences

Through the years, with the same song, but sometimes you now hear it differently.

Once in control, prospects let us fly the plane and at peace thinking they are in good hands.