Book 4. Day 121: New Sales Simplified

Not easy my friend!

Of course, it’s much better if it’s the perfect weather and the perfect sky every single day…

Opposite to reality!

There’s always…

-Ups and downs
-Light and darkness

Each co-relate to each other…and non-negotiable!

All 50-50, On one not over each other.

In Sales, embracing the cycle is accepting the reality of what might happen during the process.

An opportunity, to prepare your structure before engagement.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 2nd of the 7 Phases of Winning a Sales Call “Build rapport and identify the buyer’s style.”.

Sharing your agenda is a huge differentiator.

The “Laying-out your plan to the customer”

Almost no one in sales does this!

Serves as a sign that you’re not an amateur.

Smart questions like:

-What would you like to get from this meeting?
-What were you hoping to accomplish today?
-Why did you invite me in?
-I was just curious. How come you agreed to visit with me?

The effect is surprising…