Book 4. Day 122: New Sales Simplified

Ever taken a ride without knowing where to?

Whether it’s a road trip or a meeting being conducted…

Are you comfortable with it?

Similar to getting that buyer into the process but without a roadmap.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 2nd of the 7 Phases of Winning a Sales Call “Share the Agenda and Set up the Call.”.

As a professional, it’s simply courteous when you show the buyer where you’re headed to.

Not to mention, most buyers expect that the call will be all in monologue.

The usual “The show up and throw up”

Remember this from the previous topic?

The “Spray and Pray” method?!

Once the salesperson opens his mouth…

Buyer goes unto selective listening…

Sharing the agenda makes them not only comfortable but establishes trust.

-Detail by detail
-Piece by piece

It gives the meeting a whole level…

The transparency that you give, elevates your position as a salesperson.


A few are only doing it!

The goal here, is to surprise the buyer with your solid plan.

With applied dialogue…