Book 4. Day 124: New Sales Simplified

There’s a time to climb…

A time to cruise at altitude and a time to land!

Delivering the power statement is the maximum impact.

It’s the best 3 minutes that you can let it if fly!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 4th of the 7 Phases of Winning a Sales Call “Deliver the Power Statement”.

When done right, it can be a thing of beauty and magnificience.

Delivering a compelling, client-focused understanding of why prospects turn to us.

It’s where you put “power” in your story.

The act of engagement in a way most salespeople never will.

When discussing issues, pains and problems addressed, pay attention to their reactions.

Look for that wince, that nod or even the hand gesture.

If someone is writing, then you know your into something good.

Expect interruptions for clarifications…

Make your answer brief but careful not to make it into a full-blown sales pitch!

Highlight customer’s interest…the hot button, that is!

Remember, you have the heart of the solder!

We never give up!

You never give up!

You do what it takes, whatever you need to do.

What don’t kill you makes you stronger!

This stage of the sales call delivers the maximum.

No if’s and but’s and no negotiations…do what you got to do.