Book 4. Day 125: New Sales Simplified

You can do it!

How do you know you’re doing it?

Because you keep doing it!

You keep surprising yourself!

Ambition by passion not by anxiety!

The need and greed to conquer a lot and make billions, has its place…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, 3rd of the 7 Phases of Winning a Sales Call “Clean Up Their Issues”.

Doctor walks into your room.

An hour after, writes that prescription…

Will you take it?

In sales, flip that Doctor position as you…

Looking to cure the prospect’s pains(Illness).

-Where the conversation is two-way

-Where Discovery comes before the presentation

-Where your 3 minutes(power statement) plays a huge impact

And during that meeting:

  • You’re in full control (check)
  • Adapting the buyer’s style (check)
  • Tone of voice and body language (check)
  • Two way conversation and engagement (check)
  • Your story (check)
  • list of reasons (check)
  • what you sell (check)
  • why you are the best choice (check)

All these wrapped up in 10 minutes or so…

A well structured plan shared to the buyer…

Unique and engaging! Why?

Most don’t have an agenda.

Most don’t apply power statements.