Book 4. Day 127: New Sales Simplified

Rainy weather!

It’s natural to be affected…yes, we get affected, we get wet.

Now it’s raining…then what?

Will it affect my mind? My work? My goals?

Can’t do my phone calls?
Can’t do push-ups?
Can’t go to work?
Can’t finish a project?

Is the mind suddenly different because the sun isn’t shining?

There’s no rain inside the house…
Not in the office either…

The weather is the weather!

“If you can do it sometimes, then you can do it all the time” by Lou Landau.

“We do not allow the weather to affect us negatively, but we do allow it to affect us positively” by Lou Landau.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg, “Personal Questions”

People buy from people they like!

Asking personal questions can earn affection…

A successful long term client relationship is when there is mutual trust.

You really know each other:

-dreams and fears
-short and long term goals

Isn’t that the type of long-term partnership we desire?

Deeply personal but appropriate…

Again my friend, in spite of the external forces?

You’re job is to control the internal forces!

“If you’re passing through a storm, calm yourself! The storm will pass!”

The key is to be happy “in the now”