Book 4. Day 133: New Sales Simplified

he ROOT cause of all human sufferings is attachments!

“Things that I want that I don’t have, things that I have that I don’t want”

Remember, to reflect where you want you’re life to be headed…

The things that you are grateful for…


Not the material things!

“The Being spiritual”
“The Being connected to a higher power”
“The Being learned and to learn”
“The Being succesful”
“The Being of purpose”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

By the time you wrap up the previous stage which was sell, sell, sell!

For sure, the prospect at this time has that sense that you can bring value and solutions.

When that happens?


Opportunity here is materializing right before your eyes!

Like I always remind…

Tell the people “Never look at the mirror without smiling”

Look at yourself!

Think of your yourself!

A great message to be reminded ending this year, going into reflection.

All the good parts!

All the great things that happened in your life!

What are you grateful for?

-New challenges

All the blessings to you and your family my friend!