Book 4. Day 134: New Sales Simplified

Exercise self-control!

Ask again what the prospect thinks…

If he’s not likely giving you positive feedback.

It’s a sign that you need to ask a again…

Most ignore these objections, and that’s silly!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

We need to hear what’s on the other person’s mind!

It’s critical that he tells you what’s going on…

Pay close attention to his tone and response..

Two takeaways:

1.) Seek confirmation

  • Are we a fit?
  • Does he think that there’s potential that you can help him his business?

2.) Flush out obstacles and objections

Checking out objections while on a face to face meeting is the best thing that can happen…

Don’t feel the need to fill the silence.

Or resort to reselling your main points…

Go back to probing!

Some prospects won’t say it but it’s counterintuitive to check right away!

“Tell me what you’re thinking. I’d rather hear your concerns
now than pretend they don’t exist.”