Book 4. Day 135: New Sales Simplified

What’s the next step?

And more often than you’d think, that next step hasn’t been defined.

If you left without:


-agreeing to 

-and scheduling the next step

then you failed!

You pitched the greatest presentation of your life but no agreement on the next step?

Another failed!

Don’t destroy the

credibility you’ve worked so hard to build…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg. 

Schedule that next step!

Today, is easier than ever. 

Grab your smartphone or open your calendar. 

Pick a mutually agreed date.

Prospect will follow your lead…

Repeat it. Book it. Shake on it.

One last thing…

Perfectly fine to thank the person for their time…

But don’t bow down in the process

Think of the prospect as equal or more than him…

Remember, your prospect is the one with the pain, problem, or desired result.

I always share this to loan officers:

It doesn’t matter how big the other fish is! 

-He’s an Investor

-He’s worth millions

In the mortgage process…

You’re bigger than him, he needs you to get his mortgage done on time and the right rate with speed and ease… 

All you have to do is sign! With The Mint Capital Inc.

Prospects should be as appreciative with you just as you are with them…