Book 4. Day 136: New Sales Simplified

Phone rings!

Caller introduces his name and company…

Immediately, buyer runs that thought of resistance.

It’s automatic!

That negative reflex…

Everyone puts up some sort of defense at first point…

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Buyers resist salespeople.

Yes, they do, and so do you!

That’s for the average salesperson.

Having been trained by Mike Weinberg…

You don’t show up and throw up!

You don’t spray and pray!

You bring with you a pen and a pad…

Ask good probing questions!

-Desired results

Are you a good fit?

Is it worth the visit?

Can you bring value?

So my friend, on other notes:

“Stay committed to your commitments” – Les Brown

“Be willing to do today what others will not, so you can have tomorrow what others will not” – Les Brown

The number one thing in the list is self-discipline!

Everything you do is worth doing badly!

Of course they say, everything you do is worth doing perfectly!

That is if you know how to do it!

But before you know how to do it perfectly…

You have to do it badly!