Book 4. Day 138: New Sales Simplified

What morning routing can you do with accountability?

The element that keeps you going…

Something you do that helps you going rather than stop for a day? A week? Or forever?

That one thing that you can’t afford to stop because there are people waiting…

A morning discipline that changes your whole day….

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

How does the buyer look at me?

Am I worthy of his time?

What does he think of me even after this meeting?

Or what kind of perceptions:
-My ability
-My professionalism
-My messaging

Consider this fact in today’s difficult selling environment…

It is undeniable that their resistance is so strong, we need to prepare a second objective…

Expect it…prepare for it!

Things you need to recheck:

-How you sound
-What you say
-Feelings toward our prospects
-Things we believe about ourselves as the seller

Let him know that you are driven to give him maximum value.

And inform the buyer that this interaction is not about you but about him…

Again, these perceptions are real…don’t pretend it does not exist.

So my friend, as a professional…how do you prepare for it?