Book 4. Day 139: New Sales Simplified


These little, small, smart daily choices that details in the right direction…
That shapes your future in the long run!

These positive, productive, functional routines that you build for yourself!

“Life will be the accumulation of the smart choices you make”

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Somebody calls it “commissioned breathe”

He who walks in 10 feet from you…

You instantly detect the insincerity of the person…

Somebody who is a phony and not genuine…

You feel it!
You can smell it!

Buyers detect this easily and raise their shield right away…

Not attractive my friend!

Remember, we are problem solvers!

We bring outright value!

Wise buyers are much slower to resist, if motivation is clear and we help them succeed.

And why is that?

Even if there’s no fit and value…You are honest enough to tell them.

Even if company offers different kinds of products that ranges from $100-$100k?

You don’t always push for more money!

You only push of what’s the RIGHT solution…

For them and not for YOU.

And they reward you for it.

So, how do you percieve yourself as a salesperson?

Are you someone who takes care of their interest? Or for your own?