Book 4. Day 141: New Sales Simplified

Prospects are NOT simply price shopping!
Or they call it “Window shoppers”

Terms underachievers used for lack of conversion!

The heart of the matter is: Prospects are stuck and they needed help – obviously!

When you expect high standards from people
They reward you for it!

Belittle them
And you get that as well!

Ask yourself!

“Where is the problem?”
Is it you or the other person?

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

10 feet away and you can sense the other person’s energy…

Science explained this about electromagnetic fields.
How emotions are measured.

As a sales manager I can attest…
Your emotions can emanate from the back of your mind even without speaking…

-Those little “sighs”
-Rolling of the eyes
-Thinking “This person asks too much”

And you are RIGHT!

With YOU! It’s not gonna work out!
But for someone who is capable with…

Your lack of sales is about YOU!

How you feel towards your prospect reflects your numbers!

The dividing line of perceptions between the:
Underachievers and the top performers!

“I love these leads” VS “These leads are only trying to LOWBALL”
Huge difference!

Your view of the prospect is your VIEW of yourself!