Book 4. Day 143: New Sales Simplified

Monday Blues?!

Restart your engine!

The tasks that you do…

The accountabilities you need to make…

Because life is all about discipline:

Working on yourself
Working on your business
Working on your family and relationships

That’s all it is to it…

A note from the universe: “Never look at the mirror without smiling”

Every time you look at the mirror and the mirror inside your head.

Tell yourself:

“I’m good enough, smart enough, people like me”

We don’t know how the world operates! And all the chaos within it…

But we do control how to react to it..

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

If sales calls are dialogues or 2 way conversations…

Then why would anyone stand to have a conversation right?

Then came along the word “presentation”

As pronounced by most with a long “e” – Preezentation.

Whether in an office, a meeting room or boardroom.

Sales should always be viewed as any negotiated exchange of ideas and opinions.

If it’s a sales call meeting then why stand?

A meeting to discuss important topics to see if it makes mutual sense to do business…

So my friend, how would you view it on your end?