Book 4. Day 145: New Sales Simplified

One SNAP and just like that it’s a beautiful weather!

Days earlier, when it was raining…
Some of you might think “OMG, this will never end”


Remember you can’t lose a 100 pounds in 1 week…

Or in another context – People that are looking to make the MILLION Dollars a week!

Instead of looking for ways that make you a couple of thousands…every week, every week!

We don’t control the outcome…but when we do the right things every single day?

You get your targeted goals and get your BYPRODUCTS:


There’s no overnight success!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

When prospects asked for an instant presentation, without discovery. Do you normally say yes?

If you do what you’re asked- Crucial mistake!

Remember, Presenting is not a synonym for selling!

Why bother doing all these?

-Discovery work

Why not present right away, right?

Skip this step and you lose your position with SLIDE 4 (Our Understanding of Prospect’s Situation)


Insist on a meeting before the requested presentation.

Assert yourself!

Let them know this is practically needed in order to deliver maximum value!