Book 4. Day 147: New Sales Simplified

What happens when it rains?

A little discomfort?

The fact that my clothing got a little wet…

Why should that affect my mood?
Why should it affect the way I’m going to eat now or the way I should take calls?

“I want dry, I want this, I want that before going to my daily task.”

When we truly mature, we learn to compartmentalized…

What’s the solution?

Stop wanting!
Stop those attachments!

Be with the flow…

If you have it? Good for you…
If you don’t have it…then you don’t need it.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

So basically, when know you about the customer you can easily design your sales story.

Before a big meeting, you get a presentation from the customer…

When they only give you that meeting for the “presentation”?

Then use it for your discovery!

Remember, discovery precedes presentation!

Include in the agenda the company intro – at least 3 minutes then start asking crucial questions before the actual “Pitch”


That their business is currently facing…

This for sure leaves a memorable impression.