Book 4. Day 148: New Sales Simplified

“Just the way things are done”
It’s a new reality many in sales must face today…

Which is – Being prevented from meeting with prospects to understand their situation before presentation…

That’s right!

Going in blind and expected to “spray and pray”

How would know you know what to pitch if you are unsure about the prospect’s situation?

Why are you invited to pitch in the first place?

What do we do?

We convert that first portion of the presentation into the discovery session!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “New Sales Simplified” by Mike Weinberg.

Here are short powerful phrases of the agenda:

“So, in order for us to present the most relevant and valuable information to you, we’d like to take the first fifteen minutes to get a handle on why you invited us in and what you’re facing in your business today—including threats, opportunities, shifts in the marketplace.

“We understand if you may not want to “go there,” but sometimes clients like to share on that point, so we can incorporate the pieces you like and stay far away from those you don’t”

“Then, based on what we hear, we will be able to spend the remaining time presenting our best and most appropriate stories, examples, and methodology”